Installing Plugins to newer versions of Sketchup

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A lot of info in the WIKI says that Sketchup version 8 is required in order to use the ASE plugin. This is only necessary in order to use one variant of the plugin which is found here:!downloads/rmmoz (ziggymesh exporter)

The advantage of using this variant is that it removes most of the collision from your model, which allows you to place people inside vehicles (among other things)


However, it is possible to use newer versions of Sketchup with another variant of the plugin, found here:

Note: unless this version of the plugin has been changed, it may need an edit to work, as shown below: 1) open the .rb file in notepad 2) search for: MB_YESNO , "Are you sure?") 3) add a left parentheses brace to make it: MB_YESNO , ("Are you sure?") without that edit you may get a syntax error

(note that this variant of the exporter will NOT remove collision, so you won't be able to put characters inside imported vehicles unless you manually add smaller collision to your ASE file as shown here:

Here is the installation procedure for the newer versions:

The SIMPLEST way to install plugins and extensions in the latest versions of Sketchup is to go to the EXTENSION WAREHOUSE (accessed from the main menu as WINDOW > EXTENSION WAREHOUSE), then browse and pick an extension and click INSTALL (Sketchup installer handles the details)

However, the MUVIZU ASE exporter plugin can not be found in the extension warehouse, so you have to install it manually. Procedure is shown below for manually installing both PLUGINS and EXTENSIONS to the current version of Sketchup:


PLUGINS END IN ".RB", and they go here: C:\users\yourname\ AppData\ Roaming\ SketchUp\ SketchUp2015\ SketchUp\ Plugins\

This is a protected directory, so you'll need to do this as administrator, and you will also probably have to change some properties of the directory to make it visible and/or writable.

For plugins, just putting the .rb file in this directory should make it available in Sketchup the next time you open the program. A new entry should appear under EXTENSIONS in the main dropdown menu at the top of Sketchups window


EXTENSIONS END IN ".RBZ" , and they go here:

c:\program files\sketchup\sketchup 2015\tools\

After placing an extension in this folder, it has to be "turned on" in Sketchup. To do this, open Sketchup and follow these steps: window > preferences > extensions > install extension > navigate to the folder shown above > select the .rbz file > open > acknowledge the warning about accessing your computer > ok

after doing this, depending on how the extension was made, it will either appear under the EXTENSIONS header on the main menu, or it will appear as a toolbar.