- Account types provides 3 types of account

Regular account

A regular account is suitable for most users and gives full functionality from the website. It lets you post on the forum and contribute to this wiki, you can post comments on videos and all asset types on the site. You can contact other users through the use of private messages system and make use of the Chat section of the website. It also allows you to report offensive content to Digimania.

Perhaps the most signification aspect of the account is that it allows you to download the application.

Gatekeeper account

Overall the gatekeeper account has the same functionality as a regular account with one additional feature.

With the gatekeeper account you, as the responsible adult (parent, guardian, teacher) can add dependent accounts to your own. The child can login to that account but it is restricted in its access to the website, more details below. You can also create links with other gatekeeper accounts to allow your students or children to collaborate with another school or with friends under the supervision of their parents.

Dependent account

With a dependent account a child can access the features of but on an extremely limited scale. Dependants can not messages regular users or post on the forum. Dependants are able to private message each other but the gatekeeper account has full oversight of those messages and who is sending and recieving them. Dependents can contact other dependents of other gatekeepers who has been linked with the by the owning gatekeeper.