Import Objects - Troubleshooting

Muvizu:Play supports pbject importing in .ASE and .FBX formats, which can be created using a variety of modelling packages.

General guidelines

  • All objects should be limited to 3 or 4 sized faces.
  • Each material type causes the object to be loaded separately, so for improved performance use as few materials as possible.
  • Models should be created with as few faces as possible, to both improve performance and reduce the likelihood of errors.
  • Save as many increments of your object as you can, and import to Muvizu on a regular basis - this will make it simpler to determine where any performance issues or problems have been created.
  • Give your materials and textures descriptive names, to make it easier to edit them in Muvizu.

My model is missing geometry

This is generally caused by the model being too complex for the Unreal Engine to process. Try reducing your polygon count and import again.

Some of my faces are transparent/see-through

This is generally caused by the texture being the wrong way round - the simplest way to resolve this is to make all textures double-sided, although this causes performance issues. The best way to fix this is to determine which faces are transparent and flip them.

My model imports upside down/facing the wrong direction

This is caused by it being oriented incorrectly in your modelling software. Use the rotate tool to orient it correctly.

My collision appears when I import

You need to make sure that any collision object has the prefix UCX before its name in the export. This can be done in some packages prior to export, but you may need to manually edit the file in a text editor.

My model causes Muvizu to crash

This can be caused by a wide variety of reasons, which is why we recommend saving your model frequently and keeping each version, that means you can determine what has caused the crash and try it again. If you are still having issues please e-mail the model to support@digimania along with details of the crash and the ASE or FBX files (including textures) that caused the crash.

Textures are missing from my Google Sketchup model

Have a look here.

Models have strange shadows all over them

Have a look here.