How To Texture faces and bodies of characters


If you ever want to give characters a different look in terms of clothes or appearance, then you will want to download the character textures from the Muvizu website. These can be found here:

How to paint them

You don't need to download them all, just the one(s) for the character(s) you want. You will also need an image editing program such as GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or something similar. Primarily, something that can deal with transparency. As you can download GIMP for free from the internet, this is what I prefer. You can find it here:

Ok! So we have downloaded our texture and opened it in our image editing software. The textures are designed to be as helpful as possible, so we have labelled all the bits of the character with text so you know what bits are what.

Pro tip: It's best to create multiple layers when creating a new texture for a character, then have different sections on different layers. To begin with, mess around with the blank texture until you have something you like. Once you have the desired effect from your texture, export/save your new texture and give it a recognisable name.

How to apply them

Next open Muvizu and create a character of the same type you have just modified a texture for. Once the character spawns, single right click on them and open their edit options.

A new window will appear. Now go to the 'Decals' tab at the top. The option we are after is 'Custom Texture', give the empty box a left click to open up a new window.

From here, go to the bottom of this window and look for a button labelled 'Import'. After clicking import, find your new texture and select it, then click 'Open'. Your new texture will have been applied to the character!

Well done! You are now a basic graphic designer! Feel free to upload any textures you create to the Muvizu website for everyone to use!

This is one of the most powerful and useful tools for creating original videos.