Import Objects - FBX - Importing character attachments.

This is a small page on the process of importing attachments to characters in Muvizu.

First off, you will need Muvizu:Play+, which you can find information on here:

Importing an object

To begin, create a character and right click them to bring up a drop down and select the edit option at the top.

Edit menu

After you open the edit menu, you will be able to see all the various attachment options for that character. You should also see a 'black square with an arrow' looking icon next to the 'None' option.

This icon is were you can import custom objects and attachments to your character. Once you click this, a new window will appear and you can select either an ASE or FBX file to import to your character. Characters have 'sockets' to which objects now 'plug' into. Once you have imported your object, you can use the usual Muvizu scale / rotation / location sliders to get the object in the desired position. You also have a new 'grip' option at the very bottom.

Grip and Weight

This drop down gives you various default hand grip options to suit various situations, such as holding a pencil/whistle/make a fist etc. You can also adjust the 'weight' of the hand grip, so if you wanted a slightly less tighter grip on an object for example, you can use this weight slider to modify this.

When bringing in models from Blender, an export scale of 1.00 is usually fine. From Sketchup, this can be a bit of trial and error sometimes. Easiest to really tinker and mess around with what would be best for your own needs.

The left and right hand attachments can differ if you are making a sign or something with words on it, so please take that into account when trying to import something. Right will come in normally. You might need to reverse the text if bringing something in on the left hand.

Apart from the hands, you can import objects onto any of the other categories available as well! So go and import some things and let your imagination go wild!