• 3 days ago by Sumon235
    • hello, any body here? I have a question.
      • Yesterday 23:58 by vincycacau
      • Se eu puder ajudar!
        Dependendo do problema, verei se é possível ajuda-lo!
    • 3 days ago by stlouissoftware
    • I am having the same problem. I Keep getting the W3 Error. I purchased the play+. I purchased all the content packs, When I go to Create an object there is a Lock over most of the Items.

      I also purchased the Keyframe tool that will not work.
      • 3 days ago by stlouissoftware
      • It tells me to find the key under my profile and the key that is listed is the same Key from the first purchase.

        I know that I'm going to get a link to the help files, but I don't need any link to the help files, I need someone to fix the problem.
      • 3 days ago by stlouissoftware
      • Such a great program with a huge problem. You guy's have it locked up so tight that even a new customer who wants to pay for additional content and features, can't even get into the program and unlock anything!
      • 3 days ago by stlouissoftware
      • My End Goal:
        1. I want the Pro Version
        2. I want all the content packs
        3. I want the Edit Keyframes
      • 3 days ago by stlouissoftware
      • I have purchased
        1. The plus+ version (There was no way to buy the PRO version)
        2. I have purchased the License for the Keyframe feature
        3. I have purchased all the content packs.
      • Yesterday 17:20 by maryam01
      • I also want to purchase Pro can you tell me how can I purchase?
    • 6 days ago by mrclckwork
    • Is there a way for me to get the texture maps for the two Robots? I am having trouble finding them.
    • 1 week ago by Dalaysia
    • hi i want to make a short baby sitting film anything i should no before i start to make it you may tell me now if so if not i will be on my way
    • 1 week ago by Esrom
    • Bought the Plus version. Entered licence key number. Didnt work. Retried entering the key a few times. Still didnt work. Final attempt said the key has been used multiple times. Yet I still cant get access to the pro-version. Any help?
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • Your not the only one! I've been trying to get it to work over and over and they keep telling me to "Check the box that says, Run As Admin" I've done that over and over!!!!! no luck. I've even asked for a refund.
      • 1 week ago by Esrom
      • Hi Stlouis,

        I cant even Email the support as it bounces back a few days later.

        Cant even start a new forum topic either.

        Weird how this company can sell the product, take your money, despite going under.
      • 1 week ago by Esrom
      • I also keep getting error W2 now. As it says the license key has been used to many times.

        And the support@digimania.com email is defunct.
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 1 week ago by bigwally
      • People... Digimania does not exist any more. Muvizu is owned by Meshmellow (China) and you can contact them thru support@meshmellow.cn
      • 1 week ago by Esrom
      • @ Bigwally, Already sent an Email to Meshmellow support and snow at meshmellow as they where emails I found on this site and on azure.

        Still no response......
      • 1 week ago by moggsie
      • Same here. Bought licence. Installed software. Tried to install key but it kept giving me E2 error even though I was running as administrator. Now getting error W2. No response to emails so have opened Paypal dispute. Suggest all of you do too.
      • 1 week ago by Esrom
      • @moggsie Yeah, still no response here too. Will do the same, with paypal if I can.
      • 1 week ago by DRDunbar53
      • did you ever get an answer? I hear they are out of business, or got sold to someone. nobody responds to my emails, and i am now locked out trying to enter the key. i smell Rip-off.
      • 6 days ago by Esrom
      • @Dunbar, I put in a disput with paypal/seller.

        They responded asking me to confirm the license number...... so yeah lol. Got nothing to lose so lets hope it gets sorted.
    • 2 weeks ago by stlouissoftware
    • I just bought the software Pro version x64, Every time I load the program it ask me for the activation code and tells me that I have xx amount of days left for the trial... I enter the license code and It says "It's activated!
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • That doesn't work! I've been a computer programmer for the last 18 years. I know how to install and run any software, but this one! There is a problem that needs to be fixed!
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 1 week ago by MrDrWho13
      • What error are you getting?
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • I'm not getting an error right now the problem is is I install the software that tells me it'sthen I closed it I got to reopen it and it says my child is about to end it wants me to reactivate it again it will not create a correct activation key code
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • was emailed an activation code. I enter the code in the software and it says Active. I exit and it starts all over again. Run as Admin is checked. I bought the program, How do I get the Licnce to activate?
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • esterday 2:44 by MrDrWho13
        Download the version on this site http://www.anizu.uk/downloads
        and try your code on that.
        That Worked!!!! Thank you! I had the PRO version and this says it's the Plus+ version, but everything works.
      • 1 week ago by stlouissoftware
      • For some reason the PRO version would not activate, but the link you sent me to the +Plus version works great. Is there any difference between the Plus+ and the Pro?
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 4 days ago by MrDrWho13
      • The functionality should be identical. The only difference I know of is that the Pro version has a 30 day trial whereas the other one doesn't.
      • 4 days ago by stlouissoftware
      • There is no way to edit key frames in the plus+ . It is locked.