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The easiest & fastest way to tell stories with animation.

Muvizu’s 3D animation software is a great way to exercise your imagination, engage your audience and even promote your business.

Muvizu has everything you need to tell an animated story from drag and drop customizable characters and pre-built sets, to libraries of animations and automatic lip-synching.

Upgrade to Muvizu:Play+ to gain access to a host of extra features and create unlimited HD animations with no commercial restrictions. Ideal for education, creation of animatics or to tell the story of a brand or product.

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  • Educators


    Teachers all over the world use Muvizu to deliver lessons and create memorable content that comes alive for students.

    Educational discounts available.

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  • Animators


    The cost of animation has just plummeted. Muvizu’s rapid rendering, automatic lip-synching and real-time illumination system let you imagine, iterate and animate in no time at all.

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  • Business


    Make animations for your business. Muvizu's simple commercial terms make it easy for you to earn money from your animations.

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  • Storytellers


    Engage and delight audiences with beautifully animated movies. Muvizu’s super-fast controls let you publish your movie online in minutes.

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Talented and friendly; the Muvizu community will help and inspire you.

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    - ÉÉNot quite - the same spammers have put something up on the Assets pa

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  • Muvizu on a Mac

    Muvizu on a Mac


    Installing Muvizu on a Mac (via a Windows partition) is explained with a handy video tutorial. Follow the link to find out how.

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“Muvizu is one of the most impressive new technologies I've seen...'A Garageband for animation', if you will.” username Andrew Orlowski