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Download Muvizu and start animating. Muvizu lets you animate, iterate and render your idea into a finished movie in minutes or hours rather than days or months!

If you are a casual user, then Muvizu:Play is perfect for you.

If you plan to create longer, more professional pieces of animated content, or you simply love the software and want to do more, then choose Muvizu:Play+.

Download Muvizu:Play and upgrade via the Licence Manager to Play+ to receive full commercial rights – enabling you to make money from your animations!

Find out which version is right for you

Feature Muvizu:Play Muvizu:Play+
16 customisable characters Yes Yes
Thousands of objects and animations Yes Yes
Automatic Lip-synching for any language Yes Yes
Lightning fast render Yes Yes
Import photos, audio, video and 3D models Yes Yes
Standard Definition output Yes Yes
Watermark-free SD output No Unlimited
Watermark-free HD output No Unlimited
(up to 1920 x 1080)
Full commercial rights No Yes
FBX object import No Yes
Import character attachments No Yes
Hand-held attachments No Yes
Price Free to download $230 $29.99

So, if you are a casual user then Muvizu:Play will be perfect for you.

If you want all the ‘bells and whistles’ then opt for a Muvizu:Play+ upgrade.

The first step is to download Muvizu:Play below and then upgrade via the in-app ‘Licence Manager’ to Play+ to receive full commercial rights – enabling you to remove the watermark and make money from your animations!

Find out more about the new functionality in our blog.

Get started with some basic training

These videos give you a brief introduction on how to animate with Muvizu:Play.

  1. My first video

    My first video

    by Muvizu_Admin
  2. Setting the scene

    Setting the scene

    by Muvizu_Admin
  3. Casting


    by Muvizu_Admin
  4. Direction


    by Muvizu_Admin