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Chemistry pack

by Muvizu_Admin
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The new chemistry pack from Muvizu. A chemistry classroom perfect for setting up experiments and tests to change the world! Dress your characters up as a Lab technician, a nuclear lab assistant and more.

This pack includes:
Environment Assets x27
Character Attachments x4
Environment VFX x1.

Comments (14)

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  1. InsaneHamster
  2. mrmuviz
    • mrmuviz - Over a year ago
    • Are you saying that there are 2 new characters that come with this pack?
  3. juliangrant
    • juliangrant - Over a year ago
    • Can you please ADD more photos to illustrate details, characters and any additional items that come with purchase? That way we can make the informed decision to purchase.
  4. ReggieMetalFox
    • ReggieMetalFox - Over a year ago
    • juliangrant => Totally agree with you, we need more details and pics !
  5. Phil7newbie
    • Phil7newbie - Over a year ago
    • Environment Assets (objects) x27 = x27 , ok
      Character Attachments (Hazmat Suit, Lab coat, gloves) x4 = 3(?),
      Right and left hand = same 6 attachments from objects
      Environment VFX x1 = (?) don't know, have not found it yet

      Analysis = Nice set, but I'm having trouble with displaying some items in the chemistry set with DX11.
      had to go back to DX9 and lose layering and crashes Muvizu, not that I have a need for it yet.