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2022/1/15 1:58:04
Can't install Muvizu on new computer this was posted two years ago!
2022/1/15 1:55:44
How to create a Custom Character
2022/1/11 7:11:05
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lair set

Get a copy Now!
2022/1/11 5:29:43
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set The updated version of the turtle character pack is now ready!

2022/1/5 10:25:23
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set Update #1
2022/1/3 16:19:12
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Character Set

Set contains all 4 Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, Bibop, Rocksteady, and the foot

you can get the Character Set here!
2021/12/31 23:40:42
How to animate a first person 360 camera If your upgrading the same computer that you had muvizu on without ever uninstalling , you maybe able to restore your old copy of muvizu,

by watching this video below, you can use the same method by going into the Old windows Folder, that's if you never unistalled Muvizu before you upgraded, if so then keep trying to get a new key from Meshmellow, they do check in once in a Blue Moon,,,lol, sorry but that's true, once you do just remember what the professor tells you on the video!

2021/12/28 15:50:09
Coming Soon to the DigiStore!
2021/12/27 15:43:50
Coming Soon to the DigiStore!
2021/12/27 8:00:18
MUVIZU and OCULUS Yea Oculus works for Muvizu, and 360, I made a boat ride buy animating the camera and the boat, put in a few jump scares creepy sounds and made a creepy set, you can create any kind of vr experience even with the 360 and it will still work with oculus
2021/12/20 8:57:22
How to make a custom character talk in Muvizu
2021/12/6 11:02:09
New western town set Hey I just opened up a new store, and I uploaded my new town that I used for the remake of finger Pistols!

check it out here!

or the whole Store here!

I will be updating the store regularly with new sets and Assets, so check the store regularly!
2021/11/28 23:27:40
Nothin' Doin' That's a good question, I like this, short and straight to the point..lol, keep up the good work!
2021/11/28 23:23:32
My Muvizu creation about a relationship breakdown very nice video, I enjoyed that!
2021/11/15 13:07:59
Redesigning my website
2021/10/30 10:42:29
Finger Pistols Remake Final Trailer!
2021/10/23 23:14:32
Finger Pistols Remake Final Trailer!
2021/9/15 22:32:38
Finger Pistols are Dangerous Trailer #2
2021/8/23 11:41:36
Star Trek
2021/8/14 22:49:32
Cowboy's gunbelt Hey everyone DigiFactor here, I would like to tell about my new Cowboy's Gunbelt, it's an attachment that will go right on the characters waist once you import it to the character, it comes with two belts, one with guns and one without, and a gun to place in your characters hands, everything is preset and you shouldn't have to make any adjustments, just import the attachment, you can get it on my gumroad account for only $1, plus it has a tutorial to watch right from the gumroad page that will show you how to make your characters draw the guns!

here is the link!


Enjoy and have a Bless day!
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