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2020/9/28 21:45:28
Website Add Plus I always loved dragons ever since I was a kid!
2020/9/28 21:41:46
Website Add drewi wrote:
Impressive....Why did you choose a dragon as your logo/site symbol?

I love Dragons, when I decided to do a website I couldn’t think up a name, so I Took two of my favorite things to make up the name, the first was the Digimon cartoon which I loved the Dragon character, and I used the first part of the name Digi, the second part of the name is from my favorit game makers Factor 5 which made all of the star wars rouge squadron games,so I used Factor and I came up with DigiFactor!
edited by DigiFactor on 2020/9/28
2020/9/28 0:02:42
Website Add A Add video for my website, using remade template!

2020/9/23 23:57:35
3D-Modell bigwally wrote:
DigiFactor wrote:
drewi wrote:
anti spam bump.

Yea I deleted those spams, been getting way too many, but Im watching for them!

And I have been reporting them. Is reporting them a waste of time since you have to watch for them? Do my reports go down the rabbit hole?

To me I think it's a waste of time, its been hard for me to get any answer from Meshmellow, and I'm getting tired of deleting every spam that comes along, but I'll keep trying to get in touch with them, I'm starting to give up on the spam deleting, I could disable the users that post the spams, but their user names aren't showing up on my most recent post list, I manage to find a few but I realized that there are a lot more spammers then I thought there was!

So to make it short, It's a waist of time!
2020/9/23 22:39:30
3D-Modell drewi wrote:
anti spam bump.

Yea I deleted those spams, been getting way too many, but Im watching for them!
2020/9/23 12:41:54
DigiFactor Site up and running again! I am constantly updating my site, fixed errors on the forum, added group pages so now you can create your own group page like facebook, and the best thing there are no spammers allowed, There is two video uploaders, one for the Video gallery and the other for uploading tutorials on the Tutorial page, Oh and did I mentioned no spammers allowed? I also added two stores one for my products and the other for my assets and contents, I'm also working on a users assets page as well, Oh yea almost forgot no spammers allowed!

So since there are no actions taking place here we can still keep our video sharing alive until the muvizu site is active again, just swing on over to DigiFactors Animation and lets keep going with our creations, I will do everything I can to find out more from Meshmellow and keep everyone informed!

Remember there are no spammers allowed, the site is safe and secured, oh and if anyone here is interested , I will be needing some Moderators to help keep the community clean and safe!

here is the Link, oh Im still adding to the site but everything I mentioned is up and working!
2020/9/10 22:52:58
STORE fiasco and No it's not that, I see a few submissions right after mine, but I don't have the option to approve them, it usually works by the newest submissions that would always be at the top of the list, I been trying to contact Meshmellow on this but haven't got any answers yet, I guess with everything going on in China their not able to update their site!

This is one of the reasons why I reopened my old site, but I'm still working on my store to make it to where my members will be able to add their own contents to sell using their own Paypal accounts, so I'm mind boggling myself to make it happen, I even updated the video uploaders to where you no longer have to wait for me to approve them and it automatically adds it to the galley, and it has a working forum, I know it's not the Muvizu site, but it is for Muvizu along with Cartoon Animator, I understand if no one wants to go there, but at least they will have the option to do so!
2020/9/8 0:38:31
DigiFactor Site up and running again! Jammin' Hey Everyone, The DigiFactor site is up and running again with a lot of changes and improvements, updated the Video up loader for you to share your videos and a video up loader to share your tutorials as well, also fixed the forum so now you can join the DigiFactor Community to Share, Collaborate, and most of all have fun! so come and check out the site and join the community!

2020/8/28 23:48:04
How to animate a first person 360 camera
2020/8/25 22:25:05
Store User Assets drewi wrote:
Despicable said in a Sylvester the cat style.hope the spam stops soon.Any luck yet DOBY?

I set notification to my email so I can track spam, once I get them I'll delete them, I'm still learning my staff features which I never bothered with before, Also sorry for not explaining more about the video import process and converter Light along with VirtualDub, I'll do a better tutorial to make it more clearer!
2020/8/25 22:09:49
Store User Assets drewi wrote:
DigiFactor wrote:
Try Converter Lite, it's what I use! http://www.converterlite.com/

Hi didgifactor

What settings work with Converter Lite?

Can you do anything as a Muvizu staff member to remove the spam?

the only thing I can do delete the spam which I'm in the process, I'll look into all of my features and see what else I can do!
2020/8/25 10:48:46
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? Ok I have a tutorial on how to make a helicopter with animated blades usng video as textures,its much the same way for backdrop for the importing part, just watch it through and it should show how to import video as backdrops and backgrounds
2020/8/19 9:13:38
Finger Pistols are Dangerous 360 adventure Hello everyone, I would like to announce that I was excepted as a creator for Veer to make my Finger Pistols are Dangerous 360 choose your adventure game using muvizu! as you may know that I posted this idea on my youtube channel with a little demo, but with VeeR this project will be possible due to all of the features they have that I need to get it going!

2020/8/18 22:21:00
MUVIZU ON ANDROID Sorry Muvizu doesn't work on any mobile devices!
2020/8/18 22:19:04
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? Doby, are you trying to use video as texture? please tell me more of what your trying to use imported videos for.
2020/8/14 21:18:32
Store User Assets Try Converter Lite, it's what I use! http://www.converterlite.com/
2020/7/30 21:25:15
Please Help The camera moves without control That's crazy, why isn't the camera view showing the movement? especially when you only have one camera, this looks like a major glitch, does it do it when you start up muvizu every time? or does it do it when you create a new scene?
2020/7/15 11:26:06
How to make a Helicopter with animated Propeller
2020/7/6 6:24:46
Star Wars Kevin Eddy Episode 3 Here is the last Installment to Star Wars Kevin Eddy, Episode 3 Charles Rescues the Rum

2020/6/24 2:32:07
The Last and final trailer This is the last and final trailer for Star Wars Kevin Eddy Episode 3!
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