All your spooky Halloween entries in one place

by Muvizu_Admin in Competitions

We asked for it, and we got it - we wanted the best, spookiest and even silliest Halloween-themed videos made in Muvizu. The videos were submitted by users in the forum thread Spooky Halloween Challenge #2 but we here at HQ figured you'd like to see them all in one place. So, without further ado, why don't you give these submissions a whirl while we judge the winner? Enjoy! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! 

I put a spell on you by BigWally

The House by MrDrWho13

Mysteries of Science by Ziggy72

Midnight by WozToons

Halloween night out by fnman00

Tricked and treated by Artpen

Psycho Bath short by Effilmz

Mummy by Fazz68

The last Halloween - were the Mayans right? by Urbanlamb

Halloween special - Tales from Zombietown by Skylike (although technically not part of the competition, it's still worth a watch!)

Fiesta hell by Fullmetal

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  1. fullmetall
    • fullmetall - Over a year ago
    • Bonne idée, que ce fil, hormis ma vidéo assez moyenne, je n'aimerai pas etre a votre place de juge, je tiens vraiment à féliciter les autres participants pour la qualité de leurs vidéos.

      Good idea, that this thread except my video pretty average, I would not want to be in your place as a judge, I really want to congratulate the other participants for the quality of their videos.
  2. MrDrWho13 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • MrDrWho13 - Over a year ago
    • Good luck guys!
  3. EEFilmz Experimental user
    • EEFilmz - Over a year ago
    • For all...My name is EEFilmz, not where's the ....EEF?
      just thought I'd put it out there because it gets mispelled ALOT
  4. bigwally Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • bigwally - Over a year ago
    • @fullmetall - I disagree with your assessment of your own video. I found it strangely hypnotic. (Thumbs up!)
  5. EEFilmz Experimental user
    • EEFilmz - Over a year ago
    • when do we find out the results? it's 930pm Halloween time here lol