Muvizu supports the Machinima Expo 2012

by Muvizu_Admin in News

Muvizu is proud to announce that we're sponsoring the Machinima Expo again this year. We here at HQ are supporters of the machinima community and always happy to be part of the expo. The event will be taking place next weekend from 16th to the 18th of November and will be available entirely online. According to Ricky Gove, one of the directors of the expo, the event will 'present over 12 hours of programming (live and pre-recorded) consisting of a keynote/locknote speeches by Torley Linden and Will Wright, machinima craft presentations and panels with noted machinima creators like Tom Jantol (Dear Fairy), Chris Burke (This Spartan Life) and Daniel Moshel (login2life).'

The Machinima Expo will screen over 70 films through their Livestream channel. 10 of these films will be selected by the 6-person expo screening team to compete for the Grand Jury prize and 3 Jury prizes, the winners of which will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 18th of November. Selected filmmakers nominated for Jury prizes will also be available for a live Q&A to talk about their submissions. For a complete list of films screening at the expo click here.

The whole shebang will be happening online in Second Life and via the expo's Livestream channel. For more information check out the Machinima Expo site. And don't forget to check out the Expo's trailer below. Hope to see you guys there!

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  1. rgrove
    • rgrove - Over a year ago
    • Thank you so much! We've got a Muvizu store open 24/7 at the Second Life Manhattan Reverie sim where the Expo is taking place. Muvizu will be presenting a craft session on Friday. We hope to bring a whole new group of people into the crazy world of MUVIZU!
  2. fullmetall
    • fullmetall - Over a year ago
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  3. InsaneHamster
    • InsaneHamster - Over a year ago
    • really good interveiw! I enjoyed it
  4. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago