The Thunder-Box

The Thunder-Box

by Dylly
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Netty, dunny, call it what you will a collection of models to bring relief to the besieged and rest to your fantasy/medieval characters. Can be used as a garden shed...gaol...whatever you wish

dunny, gaol, jail, netty, shed, thunderbox

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  1. 65Radius
    • 65Radius - Over a year ago
    • That's a very convenient asset!
  2. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Bloody brilliant again, and a good idea to have the different versions having different collision areas - makes all our lives easier. Thanks! :)
  3. toonarama Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • toonarama - Over a year ago
    • another brilliant model and once again love the way it can be unassembled and recombined - thank you