• 2 days ago by p4225192
    • pleas liencense key
    • 4 days ago by amoltipte84
    • I have bought Muvizu, but whenever I open it, Muvizu is lagging a lot, please tell me some solution.

      my system :
      windows 11
      16Gb Ram
  • Muvizu staff
    • 5 days ago by Muvizu-Admin
    • If you have any problems using the software, please email to support@meshmellow.cn. Our staff will reply to you as soon as they see the email. (Muvizu official email)
    • 1 week ago by mohmmad
    • It asks for the license key every time I use the program, and after several times it told me that I exceeded the number of times, and the registration key no longer works, knowing that I did not use the program on any other device. Please solve the p
    • 2 weeks ago by dltanner99
    • The licensing problem comes from upgrading to a new PC or operating system. I am having the same issue, where the trial date is ticking down and I have a full Muvizu Play+ license. It is an ongoing problem and needs to be addressed. I submitted a tic
      • 2 weeks ago by sammer
      • Contact Muvizu Support: Reach out to Muvizu's customer service immediately for assistance along with your licensing trouble. They could have get entry to to your account records and can provide personalised assist to help resolve the trouble. \
      • 1 week ago by dltanner99
      • Hi Sammer,

        I submitted a ticket about a week ago. I hope to get a response or a newly issued license soon, I'd rather not have to repurchase the software again to get full use out of it.
    • 2 weeks ago by moha1980
    • Hi, I have problem to activate my license... what i have to do???
    • 3 weeks ago by simone2503
    • I have a problem the license key does not activate anything, the characters are blocked, what can I do?