Heart (Object)

Heart (Object)

by Cendar
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EN: Here is my first 3D asset and my first contribution to the Muvizu community: A Big Heart! Hope it will serve someone here.
Import with ID Texture, Ambient Occlusion and one-sided

FR: Voici ma première contribution à la communauté Muvizu: Un Gros Coeur! J'espère qu'il servira à quelqu'un ici. Importez-le avec l'ID texture, l'Ambient Occlusion et one-sided.

amour, coeur, heart, love

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  1. Mike_Num_5
    • Mike_Num_5 - Over a year ago
    • Excellent! Very nice contribution :)
      We want more!!
  2. artexleo
    • artexleo - Over a year ago
    • EXCELLENT .. Thanks for your contribution to the community and continues this close .. LOL .. THANKS FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT I WANT TO ... AS BALLOON GIFT AND CREATE A SCENE ..