by squadshow
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A burger converted from Sketchup warehouse. I hope it works right.

burger, food, prop

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  1. Dwarf
    • Dwarf - Over a year ago
    • I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE !!!!! It look like my avatar :) Well done !
  2. Dwarf
    • Dwarf - Over a year ago
    • How you did that seriously ?
  3. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • This is excellent and will be very handy. Thanks.
  4. squadshow
    • squadshow - Over a year ago
    • from Dwarf "How you did that seriously ?"

      It was just a simple convert from an item I found on the Sketchup warehouse.

      I hope to convert some more items in the following weeks.
  5. NeverBeenBjorn
    • NeverBeenBjorn - 10 months ago
    • Any way you still have this available?