by WozToons
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179Kb of cold steel.
Import with........
Use I.D.Textures
Alpha: None
No Ambient Occlusion
Single Sided.

3d asset, import, muvizu, object, sword, woztoons

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  1. Dwarf
    • Dwarf - Over a year ago
    • wow, that's pretty cool !
  2. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Works really well with the beta Man, nicely Muvizued Woz! :)
  3. chuckles Experimental user
    • chuckles - Over a year ago
    • Thank you very much!
  4. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • Thanks, everyone.
  5. YoEwan
    • YoEwan - Over a year ago
    • Just what I have been looking for!