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15/12/2011 15:10:38

bigwallyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hello again. I am attempting to export Sketchup models into Muvizu. The problem I am having are the (excuse me if I don't know the terminology) artifacting (strange white lines or specks) that appear in almost every conversion I do. I cannot pinpoint which program or hardware device is at fault. Here is a sample of the problem.

My set-up: (Home-built)

Gigabyte MB GA-EP45-UD3LR (Overclocked to 3.33 mHz)
CPU Intel E7400 Core2Duo
GPU Galaxy GT240 (Overclocked)

I have tried it with the aforementioned with overclocking on and off, with the same results.

This is driving me nuts and has squelched any progress on 4 different projects I was working on.

15/12/2011 20:05:08

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I've been having the same problem and done a spot of digging on this one.

The white artefacts that you are seeing are the gaps in the vertices of models created in Sketchup. There is no sure fire way of getting rid of them but you can reduce them.

before exporting a model from sketchup

Rt Click and explode the model, make sure there are no groups or components left.

Make sure all of the faces are the right way around ie white side facing towards you both inside and outside of the model.

Paint the inside of the model as well as the outside faces in the same colour.

Now export the model.
This should cut down some of the white

In addition

if you have access to something like 3ds Max or similar import the model from sketchup
then attach all of the edges
export out as an .obj file.
reimport the model and UVW unwrap it
make a texture with plenty of padding, I usually add 20 to my maps
now export out as an .ase file

This will reduce the amount of white considerably however there will be the odd section left.

I forgot to add that on the model you are using, its very get models to work well each shape has to have a front, back and sides, the thicker the better. Single plains do not work very well if at all from sketchup to Unreal.

Hope this helps
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Home ? Importing Assets ? Bad rendering using Sketchup...