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30/03/2016 06:21:32

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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anybody who has ever thought they'd be interested in Poser as an additional tool in the ol' animation/modelling toolbox... right now it's on sale (50% off) until April 1

This isn't the same version Braj is using for the cool stuff he's doing... it's a less- featured version than Braj's. But it still does a lot... it's capable of full blown animation, 3d characters that can be intricately posed and keyframed, tools for taking static models DL from the web and rigging them so they have the same built-in movements as the standard poser figures

This is the first time the entry level version has been 64 bit, which is almost essential for a 3d program (Poser 10, 2015's version, was 32 bit!)

If you have any previous version of poser already, you can upgrade and get it for 75% off their standard price

Here is a link to some youtube video about how poser works:


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Home ? General Discussion ? Poser sale.. half price