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15/05/2016 19:45:02

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This is my first Muvizu Music clip with a short story inside !

edited by salemkarlos on 15/05/2016
15/05/2016 19:47:59

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Looks very good! I like that you used multiple scenes to keep the interest of viewers. A lot of cinematic camera panning too! Keep up the good work.
Here's the video for those who can't click the link in the title:

edited by MrDrWho13 on 15/05/2016
15/05/2016 20:30:33

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Outstanding music video. It seems like this was not your first video though. There were some advanced techniques in the video (or advanced for my current level). I had never heard the group before, but then I do not listen to a lot of music lately, but the tone of the video complimented the music.

Even though it is not my favorite type of music I was still held captive by your animation techniques. Thanks for sharing.
15/05/2016 20:53:49

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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Hi Salemkarlos! I see this was your first post... welcome to the forum!

First of all, I really liked the song... not a genre I normally listen to, so I'll ask if it's your band's original music... (update: just searched youtube for the band and song and now know the answer to my question)

I liked this video a lot, for the following reasons:

1) the scenes were framed in interesting ways , using angles that many people wouldn't automatically consider. This made it very fresh and attention grabbing right away

2) The camera movement really adds visual interest and keeps the scene changes from repeating

3) nice choice of your background sky

4) I thought your text animation at the intro and credits was cool

5) I liked the story you added. Music videos tend to get redundant pretty quickly, so adding any kind of sub-story really helps to avoid that. I suppose that's why you hardly ever see a real music video that consists entirely of the band playing a song.

6) I liked your use of special effects. I'm a bit surprised to see that the only effects you used were from Pinnacle, which is a reasonably priced editor. I was expecting to see that you used After Effects or Hit Film.

7) Cool rotating logo.. I'm guessing that's what was animated in Blender?

Very impressive first entry to the forum! I look forward to seeing more from you!
15/05/2016 21:56:33

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thanks for the positive response !and right Rocque this is not my first clip but the first made with MUVIZU ! i started my hobby in 2013 with MIDI music and film cut,the bad results you can see on my youtube channel !
15/05/2016 22:27:02

ikesMuvizu mogul
Posts: 282
Hi Salemkarlos,

Nice vid! I like the atmosphere and the environment. It fits the music style well.
To give some constructive advise. Try to switch some more between the musicians. I saw the bassist only at the beginning. With music video's the flow is better if the still-camera shots are not longer than 5 sec and try the camera switching on the beat of the music.

Happy animating!

15/05/2016 23:29:18

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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It was a good first attempt (nice to see the effects getting chucked about) but there were two things that bugged me - the light patches on the Saw puppet dude's hands, and you didn't put the shades down on the singers nose, so they floated. Sorry, I just hate to see floating glasses, it's an OCD type thing I have
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