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28/01/2011 03:42:45

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I have heard that if Youutuube recognizes a copyrighted song or music that it will block or silence the audio track on a video.

Since there are some cool music videos made with Muvizu, I was wondering if anyone here has run into this. Anyone? And if so, are there work arounds?
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28/01/2011 13:33:51

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Hi Dwino,

It depends on whether youTube's formed an agreement with the music rights holder(s). Sometimes you'll add a video with a music track and it will get accepted BUT you'll see a link to the song on iTunes. Those are the cases where youTube has an agreement.

The last time I had this problem was uploading a Status Quo track. I feared the worst but youTube accepted it and simply put an iTunes link.

I found this video the other day. It's a youTube person explaining why and how they filter uploaded music for copyright infringement. It's very interesting.

28/01/2011 17:55:39

artpenMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hi Dwino, it depends on the artists, most of the time youtube will tell you if it's
Copyrighted and all you will get is adverts under your movie, so the artists still get
Money from your hard work.
I think the only artist to kick up a fuss about his music, was the little artist
Formely known as Prince.

I can't understand these artists, if animators or creative types use their music,
they make money from the adverts and also get air time from the movie.

As long as you don't make money from it, I can't see a problem.

Cheers, artpen
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Home ? Publishing Your Video ? Keep Youutube from Blocking Music