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02/02/2011 15:37:44

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glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again Pete,

I didn't realise that it was happening before it hit 2GB - do you remember what it was using when it came up?

I believe it was just under or just over 1GB.

glasgowjim wrote:

I also wasn't sure if you knew that Muvizu was only 32-bit and that a 64 bit version was in the works so I thought it would be best to put it simply so more people could understand it - I didn't mean to imply that you didn't understand the differences between 32 and 64 bit software

No problem - you should see some of the support questions I get! - didn't mean to sound ungrateful!

glasgowjim wrote:

This is something that we will be keeping an eye on as we are testing the upgraded version of the engine - especially when we get our hands on the 64-bit version.

I and I am sure everyone is looking forward to that...
04/02/2011 12:14:59

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Hi Pete,

One of the devs discovered something unusual in one of your models (but I am not sure which one :/ ) could you please try opening up the .ASE files with a text editor and looking for this entry (it's right at the top) - it's the bit in red that might be causing the problems:

*COMMENT "HardPCM'S ASE output, Using HSKP2UNR.rb Plugin for Sketchup "
*MATERIAL_CLASS "Multi/Sub-Object"
*MATERIAL_NAME "Engine.DefaultTexture"
*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

Once you have found the model it's in could you please try importing it to a blank set, saving it and seeing if it can load?

If it kills the blank set that means we know what model is causing it - if it does could you please try changing the red entry to:


Then import it into another blank set? That should hopefully fix things (with the exception of the low memory issue :/ )

They are seeing if it's going to be possible to salvage the set, but this would allow you to use the model in the mean time.
Take care,
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06/02/2011 11:16:13

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thanks for the tip Jim, I have gone through all the ase files and 4 of them matched the description but none crashed Muvizu when openining a blank set. I have started the set again and using Emily's tip, reduced the overall size and this seems to work now.
Thanks again

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