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09/04/2011 23:56:15

jonbezMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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@ziggy I have never used sketchup before so I wouldn't be much help with that im affraid.
10/04/2011 00:00:41

JamieMuvizu staff
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ziggy72 wrote:
Could you do a similar thing but show how to do it in Sketchup, which is what we can all have access to by default? I've tried to maintain the textures in Sketchup, but the ASE format doesn't seem to support them (or maybe it does, and we just need some guidance from someone like your good self!)


Congratulations with the video John, its ace and one of my favourite scenes from a movie! The tutorial is good also, but I don't have access to Maya either.

Ziggy, from my experience Sketch Up is weird. What John was doing was a UV map (i think) which isn't naively supported in Sketch Up. Basically you have to apply all textures per face and align them manually, which sucks and if your not careful you've import a model with a 10" by 10" repeat or something horrible like that. Trying to sort every face manually is a nightmare, so normally I just use basic colours to texture my objects once they are in Muvizu. There are a few plugins for UV mapping in Sketch Up but i've not tried them yet, check them out anyway and perhaps John will give us all some more tips

Sketchup UV mapping plugins -

UV Tools
- forum topics:

UV Toolkit
- forum topics:

Both appear to be free, from an initial check, however the require additional software such as blender (referencing blender as its free also). You do, however, need to register with forums in order to download.
I'll try to look into these soon.
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Direct, don't animate!
10/04/2011 12:36:16

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Thanks for the in-depth reply Jamie, but sprawling out into other programs which need other programs... that way madness lies, and Muvizu should be easy to use, so...

Unwilling to accept that I needed to learn Maya just to do this I checked around, and the ASE exporter we use for Sketchup says it supports UV and texture exports - but it only seems to work for UT3 itself, not Muvizu natively (incidentally there's a new version of HSKP2UNR - v1.02 beta). The new version doesn't change anything relevant, but while I was messing around I discovered a (pretty ugly) fix.

- Created a box in Sketchup, used the Materials window to paint some surfaces (doesn't actually matter which material you use, it just marks that face as textured). Exported it as an ASE as per usual.

- Copied the texture I wanted to the c:\UT3 folder as a BMP file (let's say wallpaper.bmp)

- Edited the ASE file for the box, and replaced the name of the texture from Sketchup to the name of the texture I copied to the c:\UT3 folder

*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\wallpaper.bmp"

- As you can see, the name of the material is Brick Basket Two, but the bitmap can be renamed something different.

- Loaded up the object as per usual in Muvizu, and lo and behold, one (wallpaper) textured box.

You could probably tweak the UV scaling options to get a better fit for your model, but I'm happy to just have some way of achieving something in the same ballpark as JonBez's excellent rocks. See what you've started JB?
10/04/2011 21:14:07

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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It costs but this sketchup plugin looks as though it may help
10/04/2011 22:11:27

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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@Toonarama Yeah, that looks really good, and simple to use - the tesselation effect gives a very nice organic look. If only we had a similar system in Muvizu... <hint hint>
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