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2015/1/8 19:58:19
New User Here Thx for the Staff reply! Gives me hope! The product is def fun and i've been happily wasting some hours putting together some silly skits just to get a feel for it!
2015/1/4 21:09:37
New User Here Thanks for the replies! Sad to hear that it is all but dead, and thankfully yes I did get it at the deal price! Hopefully they will leave the forums up, and maybe just maybe get back to development!
2015/1/4 4:10:59
New User Here don't be afraid to view and say hi!
2015/1/4 4:01:28
New User Here Hello All,

My name is Matt, and long long have I wanted to make animated movies/shorts, yet I've zero animation, drawing ability. Imagine my surprise, and joy when I came across this program! I have a few concerns I'd like to address quickly:

1. Is this software dead? I mean is it no longer in development? I'd hate for that to be the case as I slapped down some gard earned cash, and find it to be a great fit for my needs!
2. More Characters! Is there any plans for more characters? Or at least a way to make and import our own?

I look forward to all I can do with this software and I hope the community and project stays alive!

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