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2014/5/25 10:06:21
advice needed! i changed as public MrDrWho13 wrote:
This video is private

Now is public noone considered my video do you think there is a reason?
2014/5/18 12:28:47
advice needed! i changed as public HELLO I AM MASSIMO.
I make video explainers with go animate and i also promote products or website with muvizu,
i ve the play version and i am quite new here,i am really far from all of you so don t be too hard.

Now i made this video and i know is still missING something what could u advice me to do?
insert enviroment or lights or camera movement, music what do you think?
i would love to hear from you.
Please constructive comments .....
i don t know why it lost quality on youtube...

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2014/5/14 15:13:35
import transparent png (my logo) yes that i know but i need it to be behind the character so i should also mask it in AE probably really a lot of work.
maybe i can make a transparent avi video with my logo coming from far to close and insert it? what do u think could work?
i never try this thing of the transparent vid but i saw a tutorial few min ago
2014/5/14 6:47:57
import transparent png (my logo) Hello i would like to insert my logo in the background not on a backdrop just as it is a transparent text logo and than when my character will speak about my company make the logo appear from the horizon getting quickly closer to the character.Is this possible?
I have the +play version and i use muvizu only for commercial use.
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