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2014/11/30 13:45:58
Opening Muvizu - Fatal Error I've tried taking a screenshot, but it won't let me paste it!
2014/11/30 12:21:01
Opening Muvizu - Fatal Error I've been trying to make a christmas cartoon with muvizu lately, and i'd been using the Christmas 2012 Set, i had been worked on my cartoon all night. As i was saving it, to finish the next day, it crashed when it was 65%, and a pop-up appeared: reading fatal error, with a whole load of codes. So when i opened Muvizu the next day, the same pop-up appeared, but i closed it and carried on with the cartoon, but it crashed with the save again! Eventually i made my own snow world for the cartoon, and when i saved it, it worked! But now, when i try to open Muvizu, the pop-up appears but when i close it, or click "OK",it won't let me in Muvizu AT ALL!
Will i have to uninstall Muvizu, then re-install it? Or is there another solution?
2014/4/18 18:11:43
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? Has ANYONE fixed this glitch yet?! This is really annoying. It means i can't animate ANYTHING unless they fix this.
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