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2010/9/14 9:54:45
Audio out of Sync Kit is dual 3.2GHz Xeon, 3Gb memory, XP SP3, GE6600GT graphics
Made a side figure to be chromakeyed using green screen background over video clips in my Edius vieo edit suite. Added dialogue of about 5 minutes. Directed the figure with gestures with audio dialogue, it seemed to be OK. Had to convert the AVI file using Canopus Procoder as avi file was not recognised. Conversion to HD 1920 * 1080 to match target video. Chromakeyed the muvizu clip to the edited video clips but the final video is out by about 1 second with regard to audio.

Muvizu seems to be a memory hungry program as my cusor no longer moves smoothly but jumps to keep up with my mouse movements. Disconcerting and a nuisance when trying to make a button selection

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