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2017/11/25 10:42:33
is it finally back.... The impression I got from reading elsewhere is that it is still under receivership and do not purchase, but downloads is OK if available. I notice you can get a pay page but I doubt it goes anywhere so do not use unless you have confirmation it is working as it may take your money with no goods incoming. Hope this info helps you. So if you query and get no reply it is not working or is unmanned or ignored. Therefor do not send money. So at the moment NO it is NOT BACK.
2015/3/20 6:51:53
March 2015 update bugs ziggy72 wrote:
Can't seem to assign new Dialog tracks to characters - got my 3 (much used) 'talkie' tracks loaded, none now work the characters mouth. However, on loading a set, the first character I assign a track to is fine, the next isn't. Loading up a new sample doesn't help. Only happened since the update - thought it was a one off at first, but it isn't.

The latest one I am having problem with lip sink which at one time worked intermittently then stopped. Don't know if it is because I am still using XP 32 bit, but it is a persistent problem. Loading sets made with older version sometimes lip sinks but not always. For now went back to earlier version. Waiting for a fix.
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