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2014/6/26 5:49:20
hello, new here

2014/6/25 22:49:47
hello, new here here are 2 more i made today parts from sketchup or from TF3DM

2014/6/25 20:52:23
hello, new here muvizu_chap wrote:
Has anyone tried making teenage mutant hero turtles? Could see that working well.

Using the beefy guy does look a lot better
2014/6/25 19:42:42
hello, new here muvizu_chap wrote:
That was a quick turnaround, and looking good too! I'm looking for competition themes and this is helping a great deal, my mind is running wild.

i was working on it already, thinking using the beefy guy would be better but since i already had the male guy open i went with that
2014/6/25 18:01:41
hello, new here
2014/6/25 16:04:48
model question yeah i saw that, but what i really was wondering about adding a new character. if you guys would use it as a standard character if someone donate the model
2014/6/25 16:02:38
hello, new here I added Dr "bones"
with hypospray
2014/6/25 11:43:59
hello, new here fazz68 wrote:
nice, im a star trek head attachment fan myself but star wars is good
edited by fazz68 on 07/06/2014

here is the beginning of my star trek
2014/6/25 3:42:12
hello, new here oh and everyone's favorite duo
2014/6/24 23:32:10
model question Hi Muvizu staff! if we donate a model to you, would u be able to incorporate it into the program? a figure model with you holding all the rights?
2014/6/24 22:34:46
hello, new here video567 wrote:
I am pretty sure a shell from a model could be imported and attached as a neck prop...but the face and hands would be tough. hummm maybe my next texture

i use cinema 4d so i cant figure out how to smooth them better the colors can be changed also... but something like this?
2014/6/24 21:34:34
hello, new here something like this?
2014/6/24 20:20:35
hello, new here I am pretty sure a shell from a model could be imported and attached as a neck prop...but the face and hands would be tough. hummm maybe my next texture
2014/6/24 7:46:29
hello, new here Another childhood show I used to watch El Chapulin Colorado. I am going to use a blob set i found here and use the theme song from the show. i made my own antennas and use the hat option and made the hammer and attache to hand
2014/6/23 21:40:50
rough concert awesome, thats the kind of stuff i am trying to learn
2014/6/23 19:05:55
Double Prime Pictures is back awesome, welcome back! looking forward to your work!
2014/6/23 5:08:53
Batman Texture hi, did you ever get the batman txture? i made a batman all black i can send for beefy guy or if you have a particular batman you would like, let me know maybe i can make him
2014/6/23 4:23:56
rough concert So i made a video of my favorite child hood group called menudo. Mainly to try to animate more than one person at the time. would love some feedback.. comments and brutal if you have to because i really want to learn this software
here is the video...
2014/6/23 4:16:05
hello, new here here is something i imported from sketchup today...
2014/6/23 4:15:01
FBX not smooth does any one have any experience with importing objects and making sure they are smooth? I've noticed most of the items i import look really rough....any input would be greatly appreciated.
here is an example of what i mean
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