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2015/10/28 15:51:10
critical error on last installed update lukzinho,

Really thanks for the Video Reference. I got as far as the loading of the utility dxcpl. When it loaded as an Administrator the debug layer was set to Application Controlled. This setting seems to not allow setting changes until the edit button is pressed and the Muvizu.exe file is located and added to the list of applications. Once I returned to the utility console of dxcpl I was then able to make the changes suggested in the directx control panel. It works! I now have it up and running once more.

2015/10/24 0:03:34
critical error on last installed update I have recently run the upgrade install for muvizu. When the software runs it stops before any of the window are shown with fatal errors. I have an image of the errors.

MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2015.10.01.01R_x64.exe << version installed
Windows 10 OS

first error is

Address = 0x803c8b5b (filename not found) [in C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.dll

This error repeats 15 times but with different addresses. Then the last one is for the filename not found of Muvizu.exe in the same location.

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2015/8/7 15:48:34
Character Proportions Since all of you have had a greater exposure to video production than perhaps I have I would like to make another forum redundant statement. I am almost sure each of you have seen the free software called MakeHuman. If not here's a link to the project. http://www.makehuman.org/

With this project I was able to produce decent characters and import them into blender just as an experiment. Not much I can do with blender beyond that though. I am going to try and drop one of the characters in muvizu as an inanimate object in the next week. Anyone have ideas concerning this effort?
2015/8/7 15:15:51
Character Proportions LOL a good looking horse might help with a business vid. LOL
2015/8/6 23:40:49
Character Proportions Been around too long to be offended. I appreciate the sentiment however. Thanks for the initiation into the forum guys. Looking forward to some great creation in Muvizu over the next few.
2015/8/6 22:49:10
Character Proportions To be more specific. I downloaded the product as a trial about a year or more ago. I decided then to forego purchasing a license because of the character types. Just wanting to revisit this past week decided to purchase this time while listening to the exposed hype surrounding the idea of improvements.

Being a developer for over 30 years and having experience with computers mainframe to mini to micro I tend to push the envelope. So if it is too soon for suggestions I apologize. But from my experience the true measure of the value someone places in another person process product or idea has to do with involvement. If I had no interest or believed the product to not be of some worth or to be not able to reach near my expectations I would simply just walk away and not care.

Adding my few measly dollars to the project definitely does not give me the right to demand but I would hope it to be a better result than indifference.

BTW a demeaning response shows a great deal about the tenor of a site. Perhaps you would just wish no one else would buy it?
2015/8/6 17:35:56
Character Proportions I am glad to get this info. Thanks for your input. I can't even imagine use of the two proportionate characters with any of the others since they stand out as being so different. I understand that many of the users have found the "potato heads" very useful. In my situation the less laughable the character the better. Even sinister is a character right out of a cartoon or a comic book. I know these have their place. I actually am applying Muvizu to corporate videos. I guess to get the level of professional characters I will just wait. Perhaps another way to get around this is to understand the tech that support their characters and perhaps build a few. There is a great deal of technology that goes into these characters. I am just wondering if the product would ever expose a UI for creating our own characters from scratch?
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2015/8/6 15:41:36
Character Proportions I have just started with Muvizu. I am not sure if my question is new to the group. All of the characters but one or two has a disproportionate larger head size. The two that I have found are Rosie and Mandy. These two characters seem to have a more natural proportion. When used with the other characters they make them seem comical.

One of my original concerns was that the characters were comical and I now realize it is from the disproportionate head sizes. Are Rosie and Mandy the first attempts at getting more realistic characters into Muvizu?

I would think if the developers of Muvizu could add a head proportion quality to the existing characters my concerns might be over.
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