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2014/5/30 7:07:04
muvizu is not downloading After you click allow to install the program, the message pops up and you cannot go any further.. help!
2014/5/30 7:03:29
Storytelling The person/people who made this are very good at Muvizu, I'm jealous https://vidd.me/j2F
edited by Jaxton on 30/05/2014
2014/5/30 7:00:12
Just wanted to say I love the Rosie Character! Me too, looking forward to that!
2014/5/30 6:53:08
muvizu is not downloading How do i download? it only comes out and says i have to choose a program.
2014/5/30 6:49:25
Hello fellow animators Great animation program, fairly easy to use, doing an english short story right now, and an useful improvement would be if characters could lay down or sit down thanks muvizu for being such a great team and making such an amazing program for free..
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