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2014/9/18 16:47:22
Issues with software Update from the above.

Created a completely new scene, one character, and I could insert/delete/change movement, sound and other stuff (sorry for the technical jargon there) without issue throughout the timeline.

So the scene I created previously although saved as a .set, could that be 'corrupted' in some way?

I shall continue to test

2014/9/18 15:39:59
Issues with software Hi
Thanks for the feedback, I have now purchased the system and done a complete new install checking that 64 bit was selected (thanks BrianGray), and Direct 11 is showing in the relevant place (thanks oziabla).
The driver is correct for the Lenovo system HD 4600 card at, Intel is on a higher release but apparently Lenovo OEM the driver and I get warning messages if I try to install the plain Intel one. I have checked with Lenovo and I'm at the correct level, thanks for the pointer MrDrWho13
All seems to hold up apart from the movement issue which has expanded slightly (again, I may be doing this in correctly).
If I add anything after adding movement to a character, on the replay the character fails to move unless I save and reload the scene. This fixes the initial movement problem (allthough not ideal). I haven't touched the original movement, so it's not the timeline move bug your working on.
What I've also found is that if I add a secondary movement later (move the cursor to the place on the timeline i want the next move for an existing character), then record the move which is then shown in the time line, the character will not perform this new movement. Even if I save and reload, the second movement doesn't happen! if I skim the cursor over the movement part on the timeline, I can see that the character is moving correctly on this second movement, but I cannot seem to get it to move on general play?
Again, any thoughts, tips etc. would be very helpful.
2014/9/17 16:09:44
Issues with software Hi,

Firstly lots of positive about the software, what you can do and how it works.
I've just downloaded and started to create a video, so these issues may be me, but what I've noticed is
  • Movement will not always work when playing it back, especially if you 'record' another item after it
  • Audio tracks when recorded, you give it a name and save, but the list only shows 'un-named'
  • I put in a 'small fire', selected animate, but there seems to be no way to trigger this event, unlike explosion which can be triggered
  • I get fatal errors at random and it closes
  • Movement after moving it on the timeline then doesn't play back.
  • I'm getting unhandled .Net framework exceptions in Muvizu.exe
  • After adding a blank scene and two pieces of road and one character, it wouldn't let me add anything else ("Out of room" error message)
I've found the majority of these can be solved by saving straight after creating your action (don't be tempted to replay), then close Muvizu the reopen the saved scene, do this between each event and I managed to complete the video. This is a real ache as it takes loads of time
My PC is running Windows 8.1, processor is Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @2.4Ghz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit Operating system
But with the above I'm hesitating, if in 10 minutes I can find these (what I would consider major issues), what will I find when I try and use it in anger?
Appreciate any feedback as to either if theses are bugs (if so, when will they be fixed), or is it something I'm doing wrong, or pc config!
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