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2010/11/10 13:27:21
latest version the download link for wuvizu is still pointing at the august update where is the latest version?
thanks barry
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2010/9/11 11:40:53
CAMERA ANIMATION thanks for the help problem now resolved installed latest version barry
2010/9/10 11:04:40
MZASS-v0.11 2010.07 27.01r
2010/9/9 10:52:19
CAMERA ANIMATION I have no option to prepare direct camera aninmation
am i missing something i am running movizu beta
2010/8/30 21:32:48
character positioning i am having trouble positioning characters accuratley within a set
do ibuild the set around the characters or vice versa
2010/8/26 12:52:47
logging in when i try to log in to muvizu i keep getting a message login failed when my user name and password are

clearly correct
what could be wrong
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