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2010/8/13 16:44:40
Muvizu 3D crashes when importing an MP3 file Thanks for the prompt response.
I clicked "Prepare dialogue" "Page - Audio", clicked "Import" selected the MP3 file and Muvizu crashed instantly with message "Muvizu has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
Here's a LINKto an image of the Windows dialogue box.
My PC has 4GB of RAM, so probably not related to the memory.
Haven't tried other MP3 files, but will do
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2010/8/12 20:20:24
Muvizu 3D crashes when importing an MP3 file I'm attempting to import an MP3 file but everytime I do Muvizu crashes. Are there any restrictions, barring file size (my file is 2.8mb), that need to be considered such as sampling rate, mono/stereo, encoder, etc?
My file is local to the PC but you can click this LINK to download the file should you want to test it. (Sorry about the caps but the fact the link is a link does not show up in the message)
I forgot to mention that the file works on MP3 players.
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