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2014/9/22 10:29:37
great song animation Good one! Enjoyed watching it.
2014/9/22 10:15:40
Storytelling KerryK wrote:
Hi guys,
Saw this great piece today - Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling. I think it's universally acknowledged that Pixar are the world leaders in storytelling (seriously, who didn't cry in the first 10mins of Up? It broke my heart - and that's mostly made of concrete and bits of old cars).

Since the hardest part of doing anything cool in film, radio, or Muvizu is the STORY I thought I'd share this link with you guys. It's a very interesting and useful read.


Agreed. According to me, in all of cinematic history, if there were any perfect first ten minutes of a movie, it has to be Up. It truly tugs on your heartstrings and is so touching - storytelling at its best, undoubtedly. Ellie and Carl seem real persons and not just characters. The wonderful way the story is depicted even though it is in animation makes us feel so close to the characters; it's almost as if we knew them from a long while. I read this in one of the online reviews of 'Up':

"It is a perfect ten minutes. Not only does it
give us an almost totally visual story about how our main character became the man he is, something television wants to do in 60+ hours, but it also hints and foreshadows things that happen later in the movie in only a way Edgar Wright could fully deconstruct. All in all, there is no scene that brings such an impact, especially to males between the ages of 20-35, emotionally and physically to those who care to watch. And the most amazing thing about it? That's only the first ten minutes of Up."

A close second to Pixar when it comes to storytelling is Dreamworks. Take for instance, its recently released How to Train Your Dragon 2. The 9th rule on Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling List, which states - When you're stuck, make a list of what WOULDN'T happen next - reminded me of this movie which I recently watched. Hiccup's father Stoick dies near the end of the movie when you least expected him to; that too, at the hands of Toothless who is tricked into attacking him.I found that moment also heartbreaking since things were just starting to get back to normal for Stoick and his wife and they were almost united into one big happy family again with Hiccup in tow.

Thanks to Pixar and Dreamworks, we have some masterpieces in the world of 3D films today.
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2014/9/22 9:46:26
Dance? Even mine doesn't dance while sitting down. Why is that?
2014/9/22 9:44:34
looking for ideas? InsaneHamster wrote:
Awesome Fazz! Thanks for sharing. I also found that reading Grimms Fairy tales, or Andrew Lang's Fairy Books also give great ideas for movies.Drink

That Grimms' faity tales statement was funny! Just recently I came across the 'How to Get Ideas for Movies' on a site online (I mean, who would actually write such a thing, believing it would work?). Well, here goes...
1. Think: About what you like. About your favorite movies/shows. Write it all down on paper.
2. Think of characters. Those you would like to have in a movie. (Wah, who would have ever thought of it! )
3. Collect your friends together. And brainstorm.
4. Think of the genre. Comedy. Horror. Whatever.
5. Write it down. Wow!
I seriously fail to understand how people can come up with such lame 'how-to' lists. If what is written above was true, every second person among us would be a filmmaker of sorts!
2014/9/22 9:33:50
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