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2011/3/7 12:56:01
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Dreeko wrote:
Anyone want the set from this one?

I want a dragon.
2011/3/7 10:49:04
Direct Character Actions Pages sirih wrote:
Meh. Not too sure about this approach, for me. Mapping from the numpad to what you see on the screen doesn't seem terribly easy to me. I think a big part of the problem for me is that too much stuff has to be done in real time - I just want to be able to slow things down a bit so I'm not stabbing away at the keyboard (or mouse) in the vague hope I'll get what I want. These frustrations are compounded - a lot - by the fact that so far I've been attempting to animate to a pre-existing dialogue rather than scripting to the animation.

I understand that the numpad approach doesn't suit everyone, but one of our driving principles is to keep Muvizu simple to use for newcomers to animation and in that way, I think it works. In a future release, I'm hoping to rework the directing windows so that they're more accommodating to advanced users such as yourself.

A very early release of Muvizu had a 1/2 speed button so that you could record at a slower pace. It was removed shortly afterwards, but after talking to the other devs, I think we can bring the concept back as a percentage slider so you can have fine control over the recording speed.

sirih wrote:
And oh, wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to, say, copy (or cut) and paste on the timeline...

Yes, it would. That's one of my goals for the new UI.
2011/3/7 10:36:16
direct lights sirih wrote:
Wouldn't it be simpler, Irritable Neil, just to get rid of the duration box, since durations can't be changed? Or, if it will be at some point, just grey it out for now?

If you want to get technical, it'd be simpler just to leave it as it is.

I'll have a look what can be done.
2011/3/6 12:14:35
Direct Character Actions Pages Dreeko wrote:

Always happy to listen, not guaranteed to like what I hear.
2011/3/6 11:07:10
direct lights sirih wrote:
Come on, guys! Answer, please! This is an excellent question. If the duration can't be edited, why on earth is the duration thingie shown at all? I am just trying my first proper animation effort with Muvizu, but the controls (or lack of them) is doing my head in! Since you can't expand a duration on the timeline (boo!), it's really irritating to apparently be given the option in the wee "Edit start" box - only to find you are unable to edit it! WTF?

Apologies to both sirih and Quoling, I didn't realise this had gone unanswered.

There is currently a technical limitation with the animation system we use that prevents us from changing the playback speed of an animation. The next release (due soonish) will use a newer version of both the Unreal Engine and the Morpheme animation system that will lift this restriction, among many others.

Now, I should mention that the next release won't include the ability to change the duration. It's been a busy release cycle for us with a lot of technical shenanigans, so we haven't had time to add many new features. We'd prefer to release something with bug fixes and whatever small improvements we've managed to make and spend the next release cycle working on new features based on the new engine.

So, the tl;dr version... It's coming.

sirih wrote:
(Yes, am irritable - but so would you be...)

I'm *always* irritable. Seriously.
2011/3/6 10:55:04
Direct Character Actions Pages Dreeko's on the money here. The dialog boxes for directing are based around the numpad as it's easier and faster to operate that way than clicking buttons, hence the 3x3 grid with a few additional operations on the other numpad keys. The 3 pages correspond to the / * and - keys on the top of the numpad. We did originally prototype a version with 10 pages, but it was considered too difficult to use.

The user interface is currently undergoing a complete revamp and will change radically over several releases, starting with the one after next. If you have any suggestions on how this feature can be improved, I'm always happy to listen.
2011/3/5 8:45:16
Screen too large? Hi. There are two ways you can change it. Either click the maximise button on the title bar (next to the close button) to fill your screen, or click the "prefs" button on the big nav bar to select a different resolution.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you're still having problems. Also, welcome to Muvizu.
2011/3/4 20:30:34
Interface & Timeline *sigh*
2011/3/3 18:02:20
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
Want it now. Now, I tellsya! Okay, we might have to wait a bit for graphics like Halo's - just have to keep Neil on his toes...poke

Nah, not my department, mate. Cool
2011/3/2 9:35:10
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Since we're hijacking this thread with nostalgia...
Thread Hijack!

My first PC had a hard drive so small that every day I had to decide between installing the word processor for uni work, or the game I was playing (Microprose F1GP).

Incidentally, I watched this on BBC's iPlayer the other day:

It's available to Brits (sorry, Mysto) for the next couple of days or so. It's worth it just to see that bloke who helped ruin the Hitchhiker's Guide movie and some comedian as Clive Sinclair (complete with plastic forehead), girly slapping each other around in a pub.
2011/3/1 22:55:55
Key Mapping ziggy72 wrote:
I can also highly recommend this bizarre looking peripheral.

I couldn't fly around my set without it! (good for games too, and you can program the keys/stick to be whatever you like)

I've got one of these at home. Highly recommended.
2011/3/1 11:30:21
Uploading sets <offtopic_geekness>
Serves you right for using Firefox. It's not 1990, you know? All the cool kids are using IE6* these days.

* - Not really. They're using Chrome.
2011/2/25 15:09:22
Walls hugmyster wrote:
Is it worth creating a composition without the "Individual Shadows" options on and then turning them on for all the lights for the video creation? As you say, heavier load, but should be worth it I'd have thought.

Depending on your scene and lighting, you probably wouldn't want / need to set them all to individual shadows, but it's definitely worth spending a little time experimenting with them before rendering your final movie.
2011/2/25 14:03:09
Walls Have you tried setting the "individual shadows" option on the light in question. I think might give you the effect you're after.

In case you're wondering, the reason it's not checked by default is for performance reasons. It gets really slow if all the lights are like that.
2011/2/23 16:40:48
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Dreeko wrote:
Will the real culprit of the vanishing tie syndrome please stand up!

*points at Barry*
2011/2/23 10:26:49
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! freakmoomin wrote:
yeah this is annoying.....would be good to find a solution to this......

Not being cheeky but isn't it *ahem* your department?
2011/2/22 21:47:34
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
Hey, I'm not shouting, merely grumbling

I know, but my ears are sore after listening to all of yours and Dreeko's bug reports.
2011/2/22 9:42:17
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ukBerty wrote:
(we all know that's how it used to work !)

Honestly, it didn't.

It looks like splitting them up is the popular choice, so that's what we'll do. Thanks for the input, folks.
2011/2/22 0:59:41
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
@Neil Hang on a minute, I'm with Dreeko here - the eye size and eye look are on separate tracks on the timeline, with separate blocks to show the actions - how can one overwrite the other? I know they're on the same tab to control them, but even so, even there they are independant of each other. Confused

They're on separate tracks, but because they're on the same "direct dialog", they're linked and can't be recorded individually. Don't shout at me, I didn't write that bit.
2011/2/21 13:16:21
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn mysto wrote:
I knew my version of Muvizu was missing something! Where can I get a flux capacitor!

They're not cheap.
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