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2011/2/7 22:42:45
Interface & Timeline Dreeko wrote:
Neil!...NEIL! ... I think thats the ziggphone again...


Hehe, all great feedback, Ziggy. Much appreciated.
2011/2/7 11:08:24
The eyes have it That sort of timeline behaviour (copy/past between characters, change the speed of an animation, creating events directly on the timeline, etc) is exactly what I'm hoping to achieve over the coming months.

As usual there are a few techy problems in the way, so it's going to take a little time. For instance, to move animations from a male to a female character, I need to nag Robert and Gordon to make huge changes to how the animation database works. Again. I'm going to enjoy that.

Keep the suggestions coming.
2011/2/6 22:43:41
The eyes have it OMG
2011/2/6 2:00:52
The eyes have it ziggy72 wrote:
Just had another thought mid-animate here - could we have a reset button on the Prepare Character Actions pages? I've been animating as I go, building up a backlog of animations for each character, and now their pages are full of actions I don't need them to do again.

What would the button do? Reset the pages to the default actions?

ziggy72 wrote:
(I know this is thread on something else, but I couldn't find another topic in the Suggestions list that mentioned the Character Actions pages, and I didn't want to add Yet Another Bloody Request as a topic, so I thought here would do since I have your attention - hope Dreeko don't mind )

We should just send you a big red phone so you can speak directly to us on the Ziggy Hotline.
2011/2/3 21:01:38
The eyes have it Not a bad idea. I'll have a chat with the man who controls the blinking tomorrow and see if he'll let me.
2011/2/3 21:00:21
'Make Video' Problem No worries, I'm glad we got you sorted.
2011/2/3 16:09:02
'Make Video' Problem alakyr wrote:
ops sorry...i didn't saw this particular xD

Hehe, no worries.
2011/2/3 15:35:11
'Make Video' Problem alakyr wrote:
have u set the video codec?

It's not a codec thing.

2011/2/3 10:12:34
'Make Video' Problem Check your start and end times. The button greys out if your movie has zero duration. Hope that helps.
2011/1/31 11:46:01
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
Could we have an option to flick the bottom (non colour) controls up to the side of the properties window? Or am I just missing an obvious way to reach these contols?

I can't offer any helpful advice to get around this, sadly. However, a future version of the Muvizu UI will fix the problem by adding a scroll bar.
2011/1/29 21:17:30
GPF when loading set Email it to us at and we'll take a look at it for you. Hopefully we can fix the bug that's making it crash and send you a fixed .set file that will load.
2011/1/25 15:03:50
facial animation workaround So we don't need to bother doing facial animation now? Cool, we can get on with that octopus instead.
2011/1/24 22:58:07
Opacity workaround pyrrho wrote:
Neil, don't encourage him. He's dangerous. Whaaaaa?

Meh, not my problem. I'm on holiday all this week.
2011/1/24 18:29:18
Opacity workaround Dreeko wrote:
If only we has the ability to use avi files with transparency then we could have some really cool effects!

No promises, but I'm going to have a look at that if/when I get chance.
2011/1/21 10:40:09
Neil - I know I've mentioned this before, but ideally the camera window should be able to be maximized on a second monitor. I understand it's technically challenging but this would be the way to go.

Already on it, but shhhhhh, don't tell anyone. Quiet
2011/1/21 1:13:10
BIGGER CAMERA WINDOW If you click one of the viewports in the camera window, you can make it a bit larger. Unfortunately, that's the best you can do for now. But stay tuned, there are some exciting* changes coming to the UI.

* - I don't get out much.
2011/1/18 11:32:38
Custom Animations raptormarlins wrote:
The Movies Game which is older then this has Custom Animations

Older means they've had more time.
2011/1/18 11:16:06
PICTURES! I'm surprised no-one's mentioned this, but the F11 will save a screenshot. IF you press F12 before and after, it'll even remove the user interface from the screenshot. This has been discussed several times and is documented in the "Keyboard help" dialog accessed from the "Help" button on the nav bar.
2011/1/13 23:51:40
Disco Pogo Cover by Psycho Brought Pain Excellent work!

PS: More metal, I say! rock on
2011/1/11 10:53:15
Disabling shadows Also, have you tried raising the ambient lighting level? (Create -> Edit environment -> Brightness)
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