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2010/11/5 21:29:23
Staundoone Episode ! Brilliant, Mr Dreeko. I think I just wet myself!

PS: Personally I loved the laugh track, it made it seem more authentic and gave it a real sitcom vibe.
2010/10/27 11:25:47
My prize arrived! I demand a raise!
2010/10/27 10:38:11
My prize arrived! glasgowjim wrote:
I was thinking about sending an old CRT for a laugh but the postage would have probably been about a month's pay

3 peanuts to post a huge CRT monitor? That's pretty good actually.
2010/10/22 11:34:42
A Spoof of a Spoof? I must be the only person on Earth who hates this film. So much in fact, that KerryK bought me a copy on DVD for my birthday last year. It's still in the cellophane if anyone wants to make me an offer.
2010/10/19 11:33:03
Any news on the raindance competition toonarama wrote:
Notice how the two "worriers" (mysto and myself) have both produced animations based on "bottom burping"

Yes. We'd drawn our own conclusions.
2010/10/18 12:17:08
zombies? Way back in the mists of time, before we released Muvizu, I made (or rather attempted to make) a video for Jonathon Coulton's "Re: Your Brains". It was set in a graveyard with zombies wandering around. To get the zombie look, I changed their skin colour to a lurid green, made them sad and walk slowly, and used the face mask with a suitable texture.
2010/10/18 11:10:37
My Thoughts and Audio Hi sparkz,

Thanks for the compliments. We certainly do intend to keep expanding Muvizu, but with the aim of keeping it simple and accessible.

We're getting a little backlogged with feature requests at the moment and our next development cycle (after the November release) is going to focus on a few techy house-keeping jobs such as upgrading our ageing Unreal engine to the latest version. After that we've got some big things in the pipeline (no details yet sadly, 'cos nothing's concrete), and a more interactive and advanced timeline is one of the things we're hoping to bring to you.

You've probably already thought of this but in the meantime, you can workaround the issue. Load up the "prepare sound effects" dialog box with the audio files you need, then go to direct and start a recording. Play the sound effects you need in any old order, then stop the recording and go to the timeline. You can then drag the sound effects around, positioning and re-ordering them as you see fit.

It's a bit cumbersome, but if you're patient with us, we'll get around to it. Promise.
2010/10/17 21:24:59
Ghost house: Episode 1 Hermit wrote:
Naughty, naughty! The people at Muvizu central aren't going to like that

Meh, not so much. We have an arrangement with Jon that lets him make movies without the watermark.

Fantastic work, Jon! I really can't wait to see more.

edited by Neil on 10/17/2010
2010/10/12 15:11:47
Favourite ever cartoon? I don't know if I could pick a favourite, but the theme tune from Mr Rossi has stuck with me for decades.
2010/10/12 14:06:47
Staundoone Uncovered Brilliant, loved it. But... am I the only one thinking that Justin looks like you, Dreeko?
2010/10/11 13:13:15
Don't think I'll make it... Dreeko wrote:
And the 8.5 hrs were taken up with my daughters birthday sleepover in our house which consisted of 6 eight year old girls dancing and screaming until 2 in the morning who then awoke at 6 full of beans ready to go again ...........the joys!

And you passed up the opportunity to use all that free labour? Shame on you!

But seriously, that's a pity. I was looking forward to your entry.
2010/10/10 15:20:08
Don't think I'll make it... Dreeko wrote:
its too late for me too i had it in my head that the deadline was at the end of the month!

By my calculation, you've got just over 8.5 hours left, stop wasting time!!!
2010/10/9 15:25:05
How to save..? Hi Maty,

It seems to be a common problem, but I think a quick read of this thread will solve your problem:

I think the problem is that your start and end markers (the pink and white diamonds in the timeline) are sitting together, meaning your movie is zero length. To fix it, go to the timeline either by pressing Ctrl+T or clicking "Timeline" in the "Tools" menu, then moving the markers apart. That should enable the video menu for you.

If that doesn't get you sorted, let us know and we'll have a closer look.
2010/10/8 10:47:36
Geraldo In Stockholm barrys wrote:
The Devs will set conditions for the art assets in Muvizu, such as, the number of texture slots, legal geometry, proper naming etc. If anything fails then the object gets spoiled by a big Skull-and-crossbones decal. Unfortunately there are quite a few dodgy objects in my opening scene. Damn, going to need to fix the material assignments on the palm tree...

Hi barrys,

Sorry to hear you're having a problem with the internal dev-build of Muvizu. Have you tried making the objects correctly in the first place?
2010/10/4 11:16:00
Character won't sit! hugmyster wrote:
Why isn't the "sit" function (and the "stand" function) in the usual list along with all the other functions?

Because it puts the character into a different state, rather than plays an animation. If it was an animation, the character would be standing again when another animation was played afterwards.

We kept the state change buttons separate to try and highlight the fact that they're different, but obviously we failed. Sorry. Blush
2010/10/1 20:55:44
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Hi Y4ArtU,

I see your point. You did mention your disabilities, but you weren't clear as to what the problem was. I was trying to make the point that Muvizu does conform to standard navigation controls and that the strafe movement you wanted is available, but I missed the main focus of your original post and for that I apologise.

I can understand your frustration with the current keys. Don't tell anyone, but I personally don't like them either. I'd prefer to use A and D to rotate, Q and E to strafe, and R and F to move up and down. But I'm in a minority here, so I'd like to see a key remapping feature implemented soon too. Unfortunately, as mcmillan-ra mentioned, we are extremely busy with all the features that have been requested so far and we're only a small team so I'm afraid it's likely to happen later rather than sooner.

I believe earlier versions of Muvizu had strafing (sidestepping) on the left and right cursor keys, but it was changed in a recent release. The exact reason eludes me (and I'm posting from home at the weekend, so I can't check) but I think it was to offer more diverse controls, particularly when directing camera movement.

We do understand your needs, however, and as other folk on the forum will tell you, we do listen and respond to our users requests.

As a temporary fix, you can change the keybindings, but you'll need to do it the fiddly way using a text editor such as Notepad.

1) Look for a file called "MuvizuInput.ini"; it should be in a folder called either "C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config" if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows.

2) Make a backup copy of this file so you can undo any changes.

3) Open the file in Notepad.

4) Find these two lines, near the start:

  • Bindings=(Name="Right",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=1.0 AbsoluteAxis= 25 | Axis aCamTurn Speed=1.0 AbsoluteAxis=50")
  • Bindings=(Name="Left",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=-1.0 AbsoluteAxis= 25 | Axis aCamTurn Speed=-1.0 AbsoluteAxis=50")
5) Change them to this:

  • Bindings=(Name="Right",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=1.0 | Axis aCamTurn Speed=1.0 AbsoluteAxis=50")
  • Bindings=(Name="Left",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=-1.0 | Axis aCamTurn Speed=-1.0 AbsoluteAxis=50")
6) Save the changes and restart Muvizu. Your cursor keys should now strafe, like the A and D keys.
2010/10/1 17:48:53
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... The cursor keys rotate, yes. But as mcmillan-ra said, the A and D keys sidestep in the traditional first-person shooter way.

The usual way to navigate is using WASD to move forwards, backwards and sideways, and use the mouse with the right button to turn and steer. Up and down is achieved with the Q and E keys.
edited by Neil on 10/1/2010
2010/9/30 10:33:38
Error saving set file glasgowjim wrote:
Edit - Oops, Neil beat me to it.....

Teehee! Fingers like lightning, me.
2010/9/30 9:55:22
Error saving set file Hey Jon,

Can you re-save the sets if you don't change anything? If so, what sort of changes are you making before trying to save?

If you want, you can send us the .SET files that are causing the problem and we'll have a look at them for you. Mail them to and we'll see what's causing the problem.
2010/9/29 13:58:25
Animatable objects-props Dreeko wrote:
With the introduction of animated objects and their properties, would it be possible to have a backdrop with a scrolling background switch to a totally different scrolling background during the animation?

This is something I'm currently working on. I don't want to say too much 'cos I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but the answer is: "yes, hopefully".
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