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2010/9/27 11:31:23
Top things we love about our users #10 - They can count.
2010/9/21 20:59:22
3D Dreeko wrote:
love the round tuit link

I know someone whos gonna get one of them!

Is it us?
2010/9/21 17:09:16
some character animations don't work There's basically two problems here...

1) Most of the animations have both sit and stand versions, but a few are missing one of them. In those cases, the animation is disabled in the "direct animation" dialog box. It can be previewed, but it temporarily makes the character sit / stand.

2) Muvizu doesn't explain WHY the animation is disabled, making it a bit confusing.

We're addressing both these problems in a future update...

Firstly the animations will be smarter so e.g. if you're sitting and you play a stand-only animation, it will just play the animation from the waist up. Secondly in the rare instance of an animation that can't be played, Muvizu will try do a better job of explaining why.

I hope this helps.
2010/9/21 17:01:43
3D It's something we've talked about quite a bit at Muvizu HQ and it's something that I'd personally love to get working. I think it's a relatively simple thing to implement and can have a huge impact if done properly. I think we'll definitely get onto to it one day, but at the moment we're busy working flat out on all the other stuff you keep asking for.

In the meantime, please keep discussing it and throwing us any ideas about how you'd like to see it working. When we eventually get a Round Tuit we'll look here for your input.
2010/9/20 17:13:03
the importance of hands Creeped out
2010/9/20 17:07:30
the importance of hands Dreeko wrote:
Dont you just love it when people ask for things without knowing exactly whats involved.....Once you've conquered all these things i would like a time machine and a pair of hover trousers to get to my work

Psst, Barry...

Just make some gibberish about textures and he'll leave you alone.
2010/9/20 13:55:05
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube "Eats" gets my vote.
2010/9/20 12:38:30
Visible audio Still no.

The problem is the way the UI works with textures. Not wanting to get too technical, the part of the engine that renders the UI isn't as fast as it could be, and it's really slow getting textures to it. It's especially slow if those textures are an awkward shape, such as a long rectangle.

It would be tediously slow to generate and then render a texture of the audio wave. We are looking at moving to a newer version of the Unreal engine for a later release which should help, but until then I'm afraid it's strictly off the cards.

Rest assured that it's something we want to see in Muvizu, though.
2010/9/20 12:04:02
Visible audio We think it's a great idea, but unfortunately we don't think we can do it without making Muvizu run slower than a Lada full of elephants going uphill. It's something we hope to look at later on after we've made some improvements to the engine and it's performance.
2010/9/20 9:56:35
Few Suggestions Locking objects is also coming.
2010/9/19 23:49:38
MAKE VIDEO tonethemoan wrote:
Butting in here again, I have cracked it with the help of AVS software and want to thank all for their advice and putting me right. My video should be on You Tube any time now
Thanks again

Excellent news! I'm looking forward to seeing your video.

Could you do me a favour and quickly describe how you fixed it with AVS, please? That way we here at Muvizu can have some understanding of what went wrong and can direct other users if they have the same problem. Thanks, Tone.
2010/9/19 16:24:33
MAKE VIDEO I don't think reinstalling Muvizu will fix the issue, but I've been wrong before. It won't hurt to try it.
2010/9/19 16:16:23
MAKE VIDEO Hehe, I don't know what you've started, but sadly I've run out of ideas. I'll poke our codec expert and see if he's got any ideas. In the meantime, you can make your movie without a codec, but the .AVI file it produces will be huge and may cause problems in other software. You can at least try it to see if you can carry on working.
2010/9/19 15:51:28
MAKE VIDEO Just so I'm sure we're talking about the same thing, am I right in thinking...

When the "Make video" window appears, you're clicking on the "Options..." button at the bottom, and the "Movie options" dialog box appears. But instead of a list of codecs like in the picture below, you only get "None" as an option?

I hate to say it, but have you tried turning it off and on again?

Maybe the DivX installer needs a reboot before it installs properly.
2010/9/19 14:56:58
MAKE VIDEO Glad that helped, Tone.

It's odd that you don't have any codecs listed, there should at least be one or two that came with Windows. But never mind, we'll get you sorted out.

Freakmoomin's links should give you a good overview of what codecs other people are using and their different pros and cons. Or if you just want get something working quickly, I'd recommend you download and install the DivX codec pack from here:

After you've installed that, restart Muvizu and it should appear in the list of codecs.
2010/9/19 14:05:52
MAKE VIDEO Nice to meet you too. Wave

To make sure, you can right click the bar that the markers are sitting on. A dialogue box should pop up where you can type in the start and end marker times.

Just to clarify, the start and end markers are pink and white diamonds, while the cue points are white diamonds with an exclamation mark inside.

Edit: I should also mention that the bottom two bars will turn green between the start and end markers.
edited by Neil on 9/19/2010
2010/9/19 13:04:34

I think the problem is that your start and end markers (the pink and white diamonds in the timeline) are sitting together, meaning your movie is zero length. To fix it, go to the timeline either by pressing Ctrl+T or clicking "Timeline" in the "Tools" menu, then moving the markers apart. That should enable the video menu for you.

Based on the feedback from other users on the forum, I've already changed the way this works to be more intuitive for the next release.
2010/9/18 14:55:16
2 vids from Frendor Frendor wrote:
...those of you that know or have come across computer code will work out how to translate it in no time at all.

Gah! I'm almost embarrassed that I didn't figure that out immediately. Very clever.
2010/9/17 11:44:14
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh I'd highly recommend the 64-bit version of Windows7, especially because it can use extra RAM.

Regarding hardware, all modern CPUs will be 64-bit architecture, but will work with a 32-bit OS. My aging Intel Core 2 Duo is 64-bit and I've had it nearly 4 years. It's been through various OSes including XP, Win7 beta 32-bit and now Win7 64-bit.

As for software, most 32-bit applications should run perfectly well on a 64-bit OS. For example, Muvizu is a 32-bit application but it runs fine on 64-bit Windows 7. The biggest problem you're likely to have is drivers for old hardware. I had trouble with an old TV capture card (which I got working eventually) and an absolutely ancient scanner (which I didn't).

If you go down the route of building your own (or buying a pre-built PC without an OS installed), then the retail version of Windows 7 actually comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, on different discs. So you could try 64-bit first and if you have problems, install the 32-bit version instead.

What software are you worried about being compatible? If you give us a list, some of us might have experience with it and we can confirm if it works or not.
2010/9/16 9:26:19
Can I export animation for 3DMax? Hi Delita,

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I'm sorry to say that the answer is no. Allowing animation to be exported and used in other packages goes against Muvizu's ethos. I'm not saying that it'll never do it, but it's certainly not something we're looking to add at the moment.
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