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2011/9/9 18:25:54
New features?
2011/9/8 16:26:14
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Some of you may be pleased to know that we're making the font a little bit larger and clearer.

2011/9/5 17:13:02
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Quoling wrote:
Also when I choose "Create | Object" - the dialog is on the objects tab but the "import" button is missing, it only appears if I go from another tab back to Objects.

That's listed in the known issues on the downloads page, and something I've been desperately trying to fix for a little while. It's a pesky one, grrrrr. As you've spotted, clicking a tab or resizing the window will force it to appear.
2011/9/5 17:03:06
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Quoling wrote:
Good oh! - should we still use the bug forums? - I have noticed a couple of things that are not "quite right" (to me anyway) ....

Either post them here, or if it's a long complicated explanation of how we're doing it wrong, feel free to make a new thread.
2011/9/5 16:59:10
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Dylly wrote:
Ahem...but there is one, just one small niggly, naggly, teenie, tiny thing though and it is a teenie, tiny thing....but the new interface is a little small and moaning old geezers like me have had to go and find my glasses from where-ever the beagle had hidden them this time!
But so far, I'm very impressed with a job well done!

Sorry about that, Dylly. One thing that the new UI will allow us to do in a future release is to select alternate themes. In your case we'd offer a "moaning old geezers" theme that has larger fonts.

I can't say when we'll get around to doing this as frankly we've been too busy working on getting this version out of the door to discuss what's next, but rest assured that there's a lot more new stuff in store for the UI now that we've upgraded the technology behind it.
2011/8/26 12:42:27
Newbie.... Can I just chip in with something here...

We're going to someday have characters holding props. We may or may not make weapons for it, depending on how we feel about at the time. But whatever wieldable props we make, you're probably going to think of a hundred other things you'd rather see anyway.

So whenever we do this, we'll try to reuse the object importer that we already have. That way if we don't make the exact gun / sword / rocket launcher /
you so desperately need for your clips, you can always make them yourselves (or find one on that there interweb).

How does that sound?
2011/8/23 15:55:58
grouping objects hexslayer wrote:
while trying to build something I notice in the edit options with lock unlock etc there is a group command its greyed out does this work at all or is this something to be implemented later ?

It works. If you have more than one object selected, it allows you to group them into a single object, to allow for easier moving and rotating of them as a whole. Because of some nasty, pointy technical problems not everything can be grouped however, e.g. characters.
2011/7/29 11:57:17
Here's a new one ukBerty wrote:
I've just done some tests and it's actually the textured skirt that breaks things

Thanks for that, Berty. I've passed it on but the man responsible isn't in the office today. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to you on Monday.
2011/7/28 17:44:51
Here's a new one ukBerty wrote:
Will this also be addressed in the next release ?

Ummmm... I'll get someone on it, as soon as I've finished flogging them.
2011/7/28 11:58:18
Here's a new one ukBerty wrote:
Neil wrote:
...... but there was a bug that wasn't disabling the save button. This is already fixed for the next release.......

Just to let you know that you can still save a character with decals and then can't import it.

Removing decals before you save is still the work around in v0.16b

Sorry about that. The fix is definitely still coming, unfortunately it slipped through the net this time as the last release was a kinda intermediate bug fixing type release that errr... didn't fix this particular bug. :-/

I'll have someone flogged.
2011/7/27 15:31:20
Instead of waypoints... Danimal wrote:
Keyframes work like so: just put the camera where you want it to start, put it where you want it to end, and the program automatically does the movement for you. Is this the same for waypoints?

Yes, that's what we (or me, at least) mean when we're talking about waypoints.

freakmoomin wrote:
There are probebly many versions of each and we are all thinking of different versions

It seems so. My idea of waypoints sounds more like what Danimal and Wizaerd are calling keyframes. I've decided that in future, to avoid any confusion, they shall henceforth be called dragons. Then we can get two birds with one stone.

Disclaimer: Still not an official response. :p
2011/7/27 12:52:34
Instead of waypoints... Danimal wrote:
But really guys, how about those keyframes? laugh

Maybe I'm being thick as usual, but I'm not completely clear on how keyframes and waypoints differ. Care to enlighten me?

Disclaimer: Not an official response. :p
2011/7/27 11:08:23
v0.16b Feedback Luscan wrote:
Neil's not (quite) gotten to that point yet. :P

You haven't seen Jim for a while, have you? Just sayin'.
2011/7/23 20:45:34
Character Swap Dreeko wrote:
What I would like to see( and I mentioned this ages ago) is the attachments (hats, glasses )to be available as place-able objects to give the illusion of a character walking over to them and putting them on ( with some sneaky camera cuts!)

Yeah, we know you did. RRRGH
2011/7/23 19:11:38
Character Swap Wizaerd wrote:
I probably already know the answer to this, but I figured it doesn;t hurt to ask, right?

You might be surprised to hear that we've been playing a little bit with directing character attachments, so you can change them mid-animation. It's too early to say when (or even if) this feature will make it into a release, but I thought you'd like to know.
2011/7/22 15:31:13
Colour picker/eyedropper There IS a dropper coming, but I'm not sure if it's going to be in the first release with the new UI.

Essentially, the new UI has been a huge technical hurdle which has taken most of my time and effort. There are so many new features that I want to incorporate that sadly, some of them aren't going to be finished in time. But don't worry, they won't be forgotten and will be steadily included over the next few releases.
2011/7/22 13:57:27
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Dreeko wrote:
I opened up a set and saved it with muvizu v0.16b and now it won't open.

Wotcha, D. Can you email me both the broken set and the thing you were trying to import and I'll get the appropriate lackey to look at it. Cheers.
2011/7/15 1:21:44
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
Hang on, where's Neil at... poke

I'll be back on Monday.
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2011/6/20 14:21:14
After Downloading and installing... MY EYES!!!
2011/6/10 16:53:17
Muvizu and RATS!!! pyrrho wrote:
Kev, mate, the word is management. Oh, and you're fired.

Evidence of management??? Pfffft!

Wait up, Kev. I'll get me coat.
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