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2011/6/8 14:18:43
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Fantastic work again, Mr Dreeko. But why do you start talking to yourself at about 6 mins into the video? Is the stress getting to you?
2011/6/7 12:21:39
Muvizu and mice No comment.
2011/6/7 10:34:20
Muvizu and mice Luscan wrote:
The mouse I showed a picture of is a hardcore gamer mouse. You bind a command to a thumb button and push button to get the action. Good for weapon switching on the fly in shooters and playing World of Warcraft as a Druid (I'm sure Neil can confirm this... Never actually asked him if he plays a druid but he does look a bit... 'druidy'.) Stick Out Tongue

Hahahahaha! Oh god, here we go. Now everyone will see exactly how nerdy I am.

I played a feral druid in WoW for about 3 years, but now I mostly multibox 5 paladins with a friend who plays a paladin and 5 shaman.
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2011/6/6 13:36:08
Here's a new one Hi Danimal,

As Jim said, the .set files are saved with the imported resources (e.g. textures) embedded, which is why they work. However, as you've discovered, favourites don't embed their imported resources which is why they're not working.

I've just spoken to the chap responsible for the loading / saving of sets and favourites and he tells me you shouldn't have been able to save it as a favourite in the first place, but there was a bug that wasn't disabling the save button. This is already fixed for the next release, so you wan't be able to create broken favourites, but sadly that's not helping you with your current predicament.

It seems you're going to have to recreate those favourites and for that I can only apologise. We're looking into ways of saving favourites as mini set files so that they can contain imported resources, but I'm afraid I don't have a timescale for this.

In the meantime, can you send us your error log files? Just kidding.
2011/6/6 12:51:43
Muvizu and mice Luscan wrote:
aaaaargh! Neil!

Ha ha! I can post dead quick me, I've got a gaming mouse.
2011/6/6 11:43:38
Muvizu and mice barrys wrote:
Before spending a fortune it's worth noting that the minimum you need is a bog-standard 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel. That's what the Muvizu Team uses. We're too cheap to buy anything fancier.

Speak for yourself, I'm using my old Logitech MX518 that I've brought in from home 'cos those cheap 3-button mice suck. :p

But to back Barry up, it doesn't really offer anything new or exciting as a Muvizu user, I simply use it because it's more comfortable for me. I've always been a gamer and I find the high-resolution gaming features of gaming mice to have no benefit except in very fast action first-person shooters.

Btw, if anyone's interested, I use a Naga mouse and N52TE at home. Definitely recommended for gaming, especially MMOs.
2011/6/4 12:26:51
Sound Effects / Background Audio.....want more? Hi, PJ. Welcome to Muvizu.

You'll be pleased to hear we're currently working to improve the way audio is handled in Muvizu. The plan is to get rid of the different 'dialogue', 'sound effects' and 'background audio' tracks and replace them with a simple 'audio' track which can be used for any purpose. You'll be able to load multiple audio files into a single track, and also assign each character to lip-sync to any of the audio tracks. Hopefully this is the sort of thing you're after.

We're hoping to get this in for the release after next.
2011/6/3 16:07:12
Muvizu Roadmap Danimal wrote:
There's continual mention of a new UI. While I would dance and sing for a new means of controlling character movement, I do hope the keyboard controls will remain. I prefer the keyboard to the mouse and hope that this function won't disappear.

The keyboard controls will remain the same.
2011/6/1 17:19:31
audio crash again artpen wrote:
Where is that Chinese old bloke? Anybody got his number?

He died.
2011/5/26 10:54:32
Oi vey, again with the Vista! Wotcha, D. I've just had a chat with Bob about this. He explained why it's happening but frankly it was a boring load of stuff about needing administrator rights so it can write shader cache files to the program files folder, or something equally dull and techy.

Anyway, the upshot is he'll try to fix it for the next release. Yay.
2011/5/23 21:54:22
prOp Animations I appreciate that, inlimbo. However, the problem with anything temporary in Muvizu is that it's never actually temporary. We'd not only have to develop the temporary workaround (which is no less work than doing it properly), but then we'd have to maintain that workaround forever so that sets that were saved with the workaround in place would still work correctly with later releases.

I'm sorry, but you're just going have to be patient with us. I know you're desperate for this feature and it's something we really do want to add to Muvizu, but it's important enough that we want to do it properly, not just fudge it in. The sad fact is that we simply don't have the resources for it at the moment. If you've ever seen Dreeko's video of our office with the enormous ToDo board and Dave's desk on fire, it really isn't very far from the truth.
2011/5/23 14:09:36
prOp Animations toonarama wrote:
I think the silence will be more to do with "all hands to the pump" ensuring the latest release is ready soon

This. Plus, Barry already summed it up neatly.
2011/4/23 23:33:12
My latest video not appearing... Four.
2011/4/23 19:20:10
My latest video not appearing... Not much'll get done once we get back to work, either.

On the plus side, I've just finished Portal 2. So at least lunch times will be more productive.
2011/4/21 9:17:19
Life on Muvizu You've clearly been paying attention on your visits. The attention to detail is excellent, e.g. the "decoration" on Gordon's desk.
2011/4/16 0:34:07
Object Properties Bug Danimal wrote:
Whoops, just noticed the email to report bugs. I will send this there.Blush

Sorry, D. I meant to get back to you about this, but got sidetracked.

Could you have a look if there's a log file that goes with that crash. Hopefully it'll shed some light on the matter. I'm not sure where the logs are as I'm not at a PC. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll have a look tomorrow.
2011/4/8 12:32:44
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) claireq wrote:
whatever way you spell it

Aaargh, you said it!
2011/4/8 11:18:05
Interface & Timeline Is that the Ziggphone going off again?

ziggy72 wrote:
No smiles

Ummm... I dunno why. I know it's something we're aware of. It'll probably be addressed when we look at facial animation, although I don't know when that will be either. Sorry.

ziggy72 wrote:
Object Properties Box

Here's a question for you. Where would you like me to put it?

I can place the dialog box somewhere less obtrusive in the upcoming UI redesign.

ziggy72 wrote:
Error - There was an error pasting the object.
Not enough room. Please try again in another location.

This one bugs me too, and we keep discussing possible solutions but can never agree on anything. Ummmm... sorry again. Hopefully we'll settle on a proper fix sooner rather than later.

I like the idea of message boxes that disappear after a time, but it would have to be for longer than a couple of seconds. Probably more like 10, or even 30, and I suspect you wouldn't be happy with that.

ziggy72 wrote:
Does Muvizu feel insecure?


ziggy72 wrote:
Apart from that, all's good!

Glad to hear it.

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2011/4/6 10:28:23
Garage Band Blues... toonarama wrote:
a tutorial perhaps showing how easily things can be amended

I'll get the Dreeko-Signal.
2011/4/3 16:57:02
No Shadows 254boy wrote:
Why not?

Because we haven't released a new version that fixes it yet. That's why.

mysto wrote:
When I was creating the Status Quo animation I noticed that everything in the scenes cast a shadow except for the instruments that the characters were holding. If you look at the Quo animation you can see the shadows of the characters playing guitar, but not the shadow of the guitars. Not a big deal but I thought it was worth mentioning.

glasgowjim wrote:
The no attachment shadows issue has been fixed and should be in the next release
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