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2015/6/5 10:43:59
My Song Let Them Sing In Cartoon Form The singing and guitar playing is excellent. Those are great gifts to have.
2015/5/15 23:18:11
shut up!!zip it!...shh! fazz68 wrote:
and its wiped out all my videos from this site..... again.....

The same thing happened to me!
2015/5/4 1:31:10
Real animation - A world of pain! primaveranz wrote:
The problem I have with Muvizu is that it isn't really "Directing" an actor anyway. It is more like trying to control a string puppet, and if you get it wrong you can't go into the timeline and make small adjustments - you have to record it all over again (and again and again) or just settle for the closest you managed to get. If you could just make those fine tunings on the timeline or merge different animations then I agree their "directing" approach might save time. As it is though, it is more of a pain than iClone (which does allow this) or even Moviestorm where you can try to hack a solution, especially with Muvizu's useless and obstructive physics interfering.
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Hello primaveranz,
Muvizu isn't a perfect program but it's not too bad with practice. I had some frustrations with the program when I first started using it. In time, I learned to have fun with the program and not take it to seriously. In time, you will learn to overlook the flaws of the program and focus on your creativity. Just focus on what the program can do, not the flaws.
2015/5/1 21:38:32
My first Video Hello Jorgze,
Your work with the characters are very good. I wish I had your talent and skills
2015/4/21 2:04:13
My first Video This is excellent work. I would like to create something like that in the future.
2015/4/21 2:03:09
My first Video jorgze wrote:
Yes i made !
For now i uploaded Lionel Messi Texture
This is the ScreenShot.

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edited by jorgze on 20/04/2015
2015/3/28 1:24:30
top quality muvizu animation After seeing this video, my jaw dropped. This artist is totally amazing because he pushed MUVIZU to the limit and made a hell of a video.
Bravo! Bravo!
2015/1/26 21:49:19
Hello fellow muvizu users I might as well say hello to everyone. I have been playing with MUVIZU starting in 2014 and having a good time learning the program. I had to learn some other things in the process but the education is worth while. So far reading the comments of other MUVIZU users and looking at their work has been and continues to be a blast. I am among some interesting, smart, and fun people.
2015/1/12 20:56:08
Animation of Theater Curtains Is there a way to create animations of opening and theater curtains in Muvizu? An approach would be all I need.
2014/12/31 0:52:23
Upload from You Tube Hello Everyone,
I had the same problem. I placed my first animated Muvizu video first. However, I am pleased that I was able to complete my first video. I am happy with my achievement whether it will be popular or not. I have learned a lot from the experience; that is what counts!
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