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2016/1/25 19:16:58
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help Great thanks
2016/1/25 17:58:02
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help In the picture you see how the shadow bends up the wall.....this is what I want
but I have to render out the wall to get it. If I make the wall in visible the shadow falls flat.

I have the wall on the background layer and buddy in another layer.
Is there a way to get that bending shadow without having to render out the background.
...maybe a trick some how that I don't know.

I'm editing in Vegas where I already have a floor/wall setup for buddy to stand in.

2016/1/18 15:46:53
Found this resource for textures.... With a little tweaking these templates could be used.

Shirts, pants etc.

...and FREE to boot!
2015/12/21 0:29:35
Improved Muvizu/live footage hybrid What I've done is take a still frame from your video, then bring it into Photoshop and
put it at 50% opacity(or so) and then save as a .png.... then use that as a camera overlay in Muvizu.
This way helped me a lot to frame up characters with things in the video.

2015/11/20 23:34:56
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? Would love to see different frame rates in an update.
We all don't live in PAL world you know, lol
2015/11/18 1:01:10
Creating drop shadows If I'm following you guys right, this will work.
The white shadow layer should be set to Multiply.
2014/12/21 17:15:41
Anyone Using Muvizu to promote affiliate products I agree, video is great for promoting products......Muvizu would put them on another level.
2014/11/30 11:53:38
Trouble as Patenkin Tower meets Top Gun! Excellent!
2014/11/22 21:19:21
FREE Green and Blue screen video elements I found them on this YouTube channel.

2014/11/22 21:15:39
Hitfilm and Muvizu possibilities Great video, lighting is key when mixing animation with live footage.
2014/11/21 23:00:11
Toccata in D minor For my first comment on the forums, all I can say is WOW.

PS.... proud new owner of +plus+
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