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2010/11/18 15:31:02
Facial animation in video games is evolving. its been bad for animators for years now, this doesnt change much to be honest.

Working on realistic games can be a bit demorilising for animators as cleaning and editing mo-cap data isnt exactly the greatest animation job in the world. It was the case a couple years back that no matter what you at least had the facial animation to fall back on as an animator but now thats pretty much gone with tech like this.....

so if you want to be keyframe animating you pretty much need to find cartoon work but as i said its pretty much been like this for a couple years now anyway...

2010/11/18 15:25:16
Quick Star Wars joke haha that was class
2010/11/18 10:09:12
Looking for an Animator for short project. haha

maybe that explains it!!!
2010/11/17 16:07:53
Happy Birthday Kerry! 33?
2010/11/17 10:20:43
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone yeah anything would be good.

iphone is taking over the world, so having the website iphone friendly really seems essential to me....
2010/11/16 15:54:47
Looking for an Animator for short project. JoDavy wrote:
Yah! Record all sorts but really need to get my character demo animated asap to push things forward as I really want to do more, more, more!!

you havent ever done any scottish power stuff have you?
2010/11/16 10:21:10
Looking for an Animator for short project. I think ive heard your voice in a hundred different things before

have you ever done any animation voiceovers before?
2010/11/15 11:34:47
Ghost House episode 3 oh and more bloody mary.......i kinda fancy her...........and ive also got a bit of a fetish...........
2010/11/15 10:31:32
Ghost House episode 3 my favorite so far

skeletons in the closet were brill this episode!
2010/11/12 14:27:03
how to import ASE welcome to muvizu uddie

great tip, keep them coming
2010/11/12 14:23:35
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? haha thats brill
2010/11/12 11:09:33
Make objects move heres a link to the tutorial for object moving

2010/11/11 15:56:37
Make objects move there should be tutorial videos up explaining all in detail VERY soon
2010/11/8 12:30:06
Staundoone Episode ! brilliant episode....

and make it another muvizu employee who loved the laugh track!

i bearly noticed it and i really think laugh tracks work.....thats why sitcoms use them and its not just 70's shows either....prob the biggest one of all time (friends) uses them extensivly alongside the live audience stuff.

loved it
2010/11/4 16:57:09
open the door help me :) There should be a door open animation in the next build all going to plan
2010/11/2 10:47:34
Keep in time This is something that were hoping to get in soon, at some point in the future we might possibly have a speed setting for each animation.....

Thats the talk anyway but no promises as it could have some major impacts that we havnt anticipated and it may not get the go-ahead.
2010/11/1 15:03:37
Willy Wonka loses it... one of my favorite films of all time and an absolutly amazing scene! gene wilder at his best!

good job!
2010/11/1 15:00:26
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? sounds like a great idea!!!

you must have some cracking break up lines! would love to hear some of them!
2010/10/22 10:21:54
A Spoof of a Spoof? good editing.....but kinda ruined the ending showing us the plane had landed safely.....

fav bits in airplane must be....

"ever seen a grown man naked" bit


"i like my coffee like i like my men....." bit

amazing film!
2010/10/19 14:33:58
Staundoone Uncovered oooooffffffttttttttttt!!!
must be a killer episode!!!!
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