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2010/8/9 11:37:17
first shot at animation Love the vid!!!!

big country music fan myself

you should get it on youtube aswell tho!!!
2010/8/9 11:31:22
Moving in Muvizi, manipulating objects and cameras Hi

I know that muvizu is implementing non-uniform scaling to objects, so this feature is happening, moving cameras is also being done so at least 2 of your requests will be available very soon as far as i know
2010/8/9 10:54:58
video to a song nice vid!!!!

yeah its completly possible.

Muvizu are planning on getting proper chars with instruments and animations soon aswell, which will be amazing!
2010/8/9 10:49:36
Keeps running out of memory Hi lionelb8

I simply select one of the existing scenes and can't add any characters because product reports there is no space (I guess this means memory)"

This sounds like its actually meaning space in ure need to move your camera (view) so it has enough space on screen to make whatever char or object you want.

to test what i mean simply move your view way up in the air and then create what u want and im sure it will work.

2010/8/5 10:06:23
Music Instruments?? RockBand Videoclips? here, here!!!

im really hoping we get some music anims and instruments aswell! would be perfect to make music videos!
2010/8/2 10:19:05
Best DUI Ever haha

cool video, nice lighting and use of animations.

"step clap step clap"
2010/7/27 16:23:36
Locomotion/ clothing yep, were looking at some new locomotion just now.

possibly - swimming, flying, jumps, skips etc

but were just in early test mode so it may be a wee while before anything new is in.

Were also looking at a skirt for the female char, so if the tests on that are positive it may open up possibilitys for other clothing options.

fingers crossed
2010/7/27 16:17:45
my suggestions All great suggestions! and i really hope we get these in.

Its good to have the simple options and auto options for people who are happy with that degree of control, but for users who want to delve deeper options like these would be extremely powerfull.
2010/7/27 16:12:21
Raindance film festival 2010 Surely this should be fine?

as long as muvizu is the main bulk of the work........but any extras should defo be allowed. From this logic that would mean no photoshop for images, no audacity to re-work audio etc.....

in terms of outputting large, then maybe this should be in the guidelines instead, so that any output from the entries can be used?
2010/2/1 23:25:28
Running out of time! Help with Uploading Sorry to hear of all the probs youve been having. its frustrating when things dont work the way they should i know theres a beta getting released very soon and theres some MAJOR updates and loads of cool new features! cant wait to see more vids from people when theres a more stable program out there.
good luck with the competition.
2010/1/28 16:49:52
Codecs and uploading 667meg is MASSIVE! is your video long in duration?

im no expert but if you test it out using just a 10-20 sec selection using different codecs, you should find one thats a lot better than that.

ones like divx or xvid are usually tiny files but have more loss in quality. Then theres the standard ones like microsoft video one or cinepak.

hope you get it uploaded.
2010/1/6 10:36:14
Ideas for more moviefeeling All good suggestions. lets hope some of this stuff goes in after new releases...
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