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2011/10/11 11:07:39
The Garage Band Blues Episode #2... Amazing series mysto! love it!

great storys, great audio, GREAT muvizuing!!!

They must take you AGES! I could watch one a day no problem

cant wait for episode 3!
2011/10/4 9:59:39
Muvizu Team MUVIZU!

hahaha class story
2011/9/29 12:06:35
Toon Dubstep great editing! pretty cool stuff!
2011/9/28 15:45:12
Newbie Introduction welcome jeremy

im sure you will love it here
2011/9/26 10:41:19
First try with muvizu Excellent first video!

Cant wait to see more
2011/9/9 12:33:28
Sorting out my skin Watch this Tutorial:

Free alternatives to photoshop are also explained here.
2011/9/6 11:59:41
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. yep this is a great idea!

Aswell as sets i think custom char skins would be great to contribute also! Especially as this is slightly more advanced and it would be great for users who maybe dont have the tech savy to have access to new and cool skins

2011/8/18 15:58:34
muvizu star wars trailer Looks great! chewy looks amazing!
2011/8/18 15:54:25
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump The General Lee = The coolest car EVER!
2011/8/16 10:25:17
New video from BigWally Nice video!
2011/8/12 15:49:47
Feedback from New User Hi

Thanks for the feedback! ALWAYS welcome

could you tell us in more detail about the scenes not opening, are their any error messages etc?

or even better send a detailed description and attach the scene files to and we will do our best to help.

Thanks again

2011/8/12 10:37:31
THE END "fixed Link" great atmosphere to the video!
2011/8/12 10:21:11
Alt F2 Movie haha! love these wee clips
2011/8/12 9:55:56
THE END what was it???
2011/8/11 16:21:10
What's it all about? Amazing Dreeko! your best yet!

The Custom texturing really takes things to a new level in terms of giving people the freedom to make what they want!
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2011/8/11 11:24:34
Just a quick... haha!

good luck! look foward to seeing what you make
2011/8/8 12:22:18
Western Showdown cool gun FX!!!
2011/8/8 12:21:07
my first animation from Russia Cant believe its your first video in muvizu!!!

looks great! lighting, cameras and render look amazing!
2011/7/29 10:15:54
Sci-Fi Dungeon haha! this is quality!!!!

very weird and wonderfull! loved it!
2011/7/28 12:04:54
Instead of waypoints... Wow! im gonna be looking out for that capital F from now on
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