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2011/4/25 18:03:30
The City that was pretty cool!
2011/4/25 17:59:20
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) hahaha its pure Papa "your my wife now" Lazarou

loved the wonder woman reveal
2011/4/25 17:52:08
Beat the Reaper (Firesign Theatre) thats an AMAZING idea for a game show

love it!
2011/4/21 9:09:39
Life on Muvizu haha! spot on mate!!!
2011/4/20 9:56:36
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork wow!

thats a pretty amazing review! cant ask for more than that!!!
2011/4/14 12:42:30
A tutorial vid from Dreeko another cracker!
cant wait for more! really refreshing to see stuff done in context and not just "make a cube" type tutorials
2011/4/11 11:33:27
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) loving it! cant wait for part 3!
2011/4/8 10:26:42
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death )
2011/4/5 9:49:46
That Sinking Feeling yeah ive heard of this bug before but it was quite a while back...I thought it had been fixed as i havnt heard of it for ages...

is this still happening to anybody else?
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2011/4/4 18:24:54
Garage Band Blues... wow!! amazing video!
this shows people what can really be done with the music assets! brill job!
lighting and use of animations are top notch!
2011/4/1 9:48:17
I am not Michael Caine voices are cracking!!!!
and subtle animation is top notch. brill!
2011/3/30 12:32:12
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Great tutorial dreeko! This is defo the way tutorials should be! informative and engaging!
great voices for the acting aswell
2011/3/28 15:51:47
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork nice work!
2011/3/28 14:49:22
The Pick Up nice idea!
wasnt mad on the computer voices but still a cool vid!
liked it.
2011/3/28 14:33:19
Nick Danger in Muvizu loved it! thought the script and voice talent were excellent!!
good work, look foward to the next part!!!
2011/3/25 9:42:23
Sets/Objects - Works in progress that was great!
cheers dreeko
2011/3/22 14:35:16
Sets/Objects - Works in progress wow! amazing dreeko!!!
took me a while to realise it was the drum animations u were using
2011/3/17 14:35:06
Sets/Objects - Works in progress amazing dreeko! looks quality!
2011/3/10 9:49:23
Is it possible to add video or animated textures? you can put videos onto backdrops and onto certain objects like the tv monitors etc.
im pretty sure with the backdrop option you could cheat it. If you need to put your video onto an object which doesnt support this, just size your backdrop and align it with whatever you want so it looks like its attached or whatever
2011/3/10 9:44:34
Jim's last day good luck jimbo.......

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