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2010/12/31 12:33:52
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Stupid question, but did you try scaling in down in SketchUp before exporting it?

Another suggestion - when you import the object into Muvizu - before you move it at all - right click the object and change the settings so that 'floats in the air' is checked. Often objects fall through the ground, causing Muvizu to crash, but if they are floating then they don't fall. Let me know if that helps.

Happy New Year!!
2010/12/31 12:17:39
List of 3d object websites Really nice site - thanks Dreeko!
2010/12/31 12:17:05
character actions You'll also find this with some of the other animations - especially 'Boardroom', which are supposed to be performed when the character is in the sitting position.

I'd agree with Freakmoomin that it's not too user friendly...
2010/12/26 9:43:16
how do i get my youtube vids on here Hi Fullcomedy1,

Welcome to Muvizu!

To get your vids on this site, you have to link your Muvizu account with a YouTube account and upload via you profile on the Muvizu site.
More info here:
It may also take a bit longer for your videos to appear because all the vids are manually monitored. During the xmas season it might take a bit longer than usual.

All the best,

2010/12/24 10:14:44
Posting Monkeysyd, don't be put off, it's a quick process to start up a YouTube account. Once you've got your Muvizu account linked up it'll do all the work for you.

Looking forward to your vids!

Em Froot
2010/12/22 16:47:17
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Thanks for sharing Matt - really gorgeous sets!

For anyone who wants the Christmas objects alone, you can get them here:


Happy Xmas!


2010/12/17 15:30:52
puppeteering or manual animation Ah..ah...ah...ACHH-OOOOO!

2010/12/13 10:57:46
This Side of Midnight Haha...of course!

Think the shadow issue is actually another wee bug in the current release.
Hopefully it will get sorted in the next one.

2010/12/13 10:52:34
Logging in Ah ok!

So you mean you can log in with the Muvizu application rather than with the website. There's a bug with logging into the app. It doesn't really cause any major loss of functionality though, as you can still access your images and audio files by logging into the website directly.

See more info here:


All the best,

2010/12/13 10:07:12
This Side of Midnight Fantastic!!

Guitar solo on top of the telly is brill
2010/12/13 9:51:11
Logging in Hi 254boy,

Welcome to Muvizu. When you say you can't log in 'in the story section', do you mean the script area of the website? I just tried to log in from this area and it was fine for me. Can you copy and paste the link of the area you are having trouble with?


2010/12/2 12:46:31
riding a bike Hi Artpen & RightURKen,

Thanks for helping WildCatTat out with this. It's good to see our users helping each other. In an ideal world we would have included animations to get on and off the bike. This is a unique area of functionality as we need to take into account the grip points of the bike, the dimensions of it, where the character would lift their leg etc...I think it was just the case that it needed to be done properly, and it would have taken some time.

I guess there was just so much ground to cover in the last while, that we can't always get everything done. I've put in a request for this and hopefully it will be in the next release.

No promises!!
2010/12/2 12:12:30
New character? If we're looking for a new character, my vote is for a GIANT BRAIN with lots of veins that pulsates in the idle mode and squelches and moves like the the creatures in THE TRAP DOOR:

edited by Emily on 02/12/2010
2010/12/2 11:53:06
Ragdoll mode? Gordon wrote:

No promises though!

This is becoming a Muvizu catchphrase!! Buncha commitment-phobes!!
2010/12/2 11:49:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn But Dreeko, we already have a Griffin - he's in the pre-made characters list!

Second from the right on this line up.

Just be careful now...don't let him near the evil animations...
2010/12/2 11:41:13
Background & Skydome - Aspect Ratios. @ziggy - Your gratitude is appreciated, glad I could help out. 1 in 337 isn't bad

@kkffoo - This is already a sticky! You can tell a topic is a sticky if it has a pin symbol.
2010/12/1 15:33:42
Favourite ever cartoon? ziggy72 wrote:
Dangermouse!!! How could I forget the little fella, and how could I have forgotten Penfold?! One of the best theme tunes ever, too.

Did you ever see in in Gaelic?

Donnie Murdo!!

2010/11/29 16:21:32
log in from software Just had a look at this - looks like it is indeed a bug.
I've passed the info on to the developers, hopefully they can fix it soon.
There's no major loss of functionality here - as Neil mentioned, the log in option only allows you to access your assets from the website.
If you can log in to the website, you can find the asset then - if it's an image, you can right click on it to save it. If it's audio then click the download button. It's not ideal, but it's a workaround until we can get this fixed.

Sorry about that.

2010/11/29 11:31:51
Merry Christmas Think something tickled their funny bone...
2010/11/25 13:20:54
GAGA finalist Thanks!

We're up against some excellent finalists.


Fingers crossed!
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