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2010/11/4 13:28:52
Keep in time If you are animating a wedding dance, it might be more accurate to have everyone dancing at a completely different time to the music?
2010/11/3 20:11:46
open the door help me :) nikelio wrote:
hello, am new to the site, first sorry for my English, but I'm Italian and congratulations for this fantastic software anyway I wanted to know whether there was an animation to make sure that the characters performing the action to open the doors. thanks

Hi Nikelio,

Benvenuto a Muvizu!

I'm glad that you like our software.

We don't have an animation at the moment that shows the character opening the door. However, you might be able to create this effect with a good use of camera angles and sound effects? Or if you are handy with 3rd party software, you could simulate this effect.

You can see this in Ukberty's vid 'Beware the Pie Part 2' (2:14):

You can also see something similar in Matt's vid 'Thanks, Muvizu.com!' (0:15):

Hope that answers your question.

A dopo,

2010/11/3 9:43:51
Keep in time That's not a bad suggestion Ghrenig.
It depends on how fast/slow you need to go to fit with the animation though, the music might sound a bit mental! If you're looking for something free, Audacity has an effect which allows you to change the tempo without changing the pitch.

2010/11/2 12:52:37
How can I join different scenes in one movie? Emergency - Emergency!!!!

To create an .avi file, go to Video>Make video.

If you have lots of scenes that you want to stich together in one video, create all the files with Make video, then use Video joiner - a small app bundled with Muvizu.

Hope that helps ya!

2010/11/2 11:34:07
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Violin lol
2010/11/2 10:50:01
Mac compatibility Just noticed this topic.

Take a look here for a tut on how to get Muvizu on your Mac:

2010/11/1 15:33:19
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Caligal, you might want to check out some of Kev's old dating vids. They were done with an early version of the app, but you could do something like this in an hour or so:

2010/11/1 15:30:42
New project Hi Tony,

There are two main options here:

1. The method mentioned earlier. You could do it with a huge backdrop and tiny text size, with text along the bottom of the backdrop, then it would be, as you say, in a 'string' rather that a paragraph.

2. As you say, you could do it as an .avi file then import it into the backdrop as a video file, that's another option.

An alternative is to add the text in post production. You don't have to use fancy software, there are free options if you have a look around, and you may already have Windows Live Movie Maker installed on your computer. You can use text pretty easily with that.

Hope that helps!

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2010/11/1 14:47:47
New project Hi Tony,

Yes, this is something you should be able to do.
If you have any basic picture editing package - even Paint - you can make a .jpg of your text then import this onto a backdrop. If you want the text to be transparent, save it as a .png.

All the best with your English language videos.

2010/10/28 11:07:37
God and the Devil- Final Showdown This made my day! (so far....) Brilliant!
2010/10/26 12:40:42
My prize arrived! Congratulations!

Hope you enjoy your prize and that you make some rockin Muvizu vids with it!

As for the monitor...*cough* some people are never happy *cough* I'm sure you can pick one up somewhere!

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2010/10/26 11:14:35
How do I make a goup of characters move Mozart wrote:
Hi there, I'm thinking were we able to make a group of characters walk in the same pace? It is not that easy to make a group of characters walk that way by manipulating individually.

Hi Mozart - you might want to watch the arrow as you make the character walk. If it's green, the character will walk, if it turns red, the character will start to run. Keep your mouse moving at a steady pace, you should be able to keep them synchronised. Also, different moods will have a slightly different pace, so a sad character may walk slightly slower than a happy character.

More info here:

Hope that's of some use to you!

2010/10/25 15:13:00
Character won't sit! Haha - no problem, glad you worked it out
2010/10/12 13:34:45
I Need and Animator Or maybe you'd be better to wait for the next release...
2010/10/12 10:55:34
Character won't sit! hugmyster wrote:

No problem. Maybe (here we go, another 'good idea') a set of "states" instead of actions.

Hi Hugmyster,

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this.
Do you that you'd like the 'initial state' (stand/sit) options to be available alongside the animation options?
Wouldn't that get a little confusing?


2010/10/1 14:50:48
How do I use Muvizu on a Mac? Tutorial here:

2010/10/1 14:34:10
What sets would you like to see? No skeletons, just a simple hospital room. It was opened in a development / testing build so you may need to tweak a few things.


Knock yourself out!
2010/10/1 13:40:42
What sets would you like to see? ziggy72 wrote:
What I'd really like to see though is windows - proper, see-through numbers so you can see what's inside. I've just had to construct a takeaway restuarant by making it out of big bricks to fake a window. It's taken a looooong time to do!

Ziggy - maybe it's a but late now, but it might be worth while for you to watch this video:

If you're a photoshop user, you can use the attached backdrop with a window file (made for our xmas video)

Just click on the layer effect > pattern overlay and change it to something that would suit you, and save it as a .png with transparency, e.g:


Let me know if that works for you.

Save yourself from RSI!

Cheers, Em.
2010/10/1 13:30:59
What sets would you like to see? artpen wrote:
Hi Dreeko, the set I would like to see would be a good frankenstein lab, Or a mad scientist lab,
With all the props, eg, test tubes, chemistry set stuff, complete with electric chair "zzzzzzzz"

That's not a bad idea at all! I wanted to do a 'crazy scientist' type video, so I may well share the set with ya.

I also have a hospital set that I made, I still haven't made a video with it yet tho. If you have any ideas for what to do with it, you can have it
2010/10/1 13:24:29
What codec do you use and why? I used to use XVID all the time, as it was fast and the quality seemed ok. However, when you tried to use it in any post processing software, the video quality just fell apart. There were lots of artifacts and it was pretty much impossible to use.

Barry suggested using ffdshow with the codec set to Lossless Jpeg. The colour space should be yv12.
This made a HUGE difference when I went on to edit it. I haven't had any issues in editing or rendering with this one. It does look like the colours are a little more muted but that might just be my eyes on a Friday afternoon...

You can download it from here:


More info here:

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