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2011/4/28 10:12:57
Audio Sync Danimal wrote:
haarvik wrote:

I have most certainly chalked up the syncing to my system. It seems to run very slow when directing or working in the timeline. I think the video lags but does not do so when actually rendering the movie so the video seems to go just slightly before the audio. I really don't think it's a bug in the software so much as how your system uses its resources.

Hi Danimal,

Are you also on a 64bit system? If it's down to lag, you'll notice a huge difference if you turn off your lights while directing/timeline-ing. Hit F2 while before you start lip-syncing etc, then use F3 to turn the lights back on again. Let me know if this helps, or if you are still getting any problems with the audio sync.

2011/4/28 10:09:06
Audio Sync haarvik wrote:
I wonder if this has anything to do with my system since it is a 64bit. I'm wondering if during directing, I get things synced because of the software speed, but during the trans-coding my system ramps up and overruns the software. Possible?

Hi Haarvik,

I can't say whether or not it's due to a 64bit system, one of the devs would be better qualified to answer that! I'm also using Windows 7 64bit, so it's possible. It might just be a coincidence though...
2011/4/28 10:06:48
Character fall sideways Hi Quoling,

Sounds like a nice idea! As for the character falling - it might be worth waiting for the next release, as we have a new 'wobbly' mood which would be perfect for this! It might be a bit of a wait mind you...

For the bar "flap" opening upwards, you could adjust the scaling of a ground plane, or another suitable prop, then adjust the pivot point, and animate the rotation. Glasgowjim made a nice wee tutorial on this, I've embedded it below.

I'd also suggest - if possible - that you record your own voices, and do maybe a bit of a parody of the Only Fools and Horses video. That way you might circumvent some of the copyright restrictions...

Hope that helps.


2011/4/27 16:36:38
Audio Sync Anyone else having this problem?

Might be a bigger fish than I originally thought...still can't get an exact reproduction on it though...
2011/4/27 16:10:52
Audio Sync Hi Haarvik,

I've been getting this issue too, it looks like a bug, although I can't seem to track down EXACTLY what's causing it. Can you shed any light on this? If possible, please send your .set file to emily@muvizu.com with any info on where in the timeline it's happening in your animation, what steps you have to go through etc.


2011/4/21 18:32:22
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) Brilliant stuff John, as always.

Great set, great lighting, and best of all, fantastic script & voices.

Altho Jezza sounds a bit like Papa Lazarou with a throat infection...
2011/4/21 14:28:41
Life on Muvizu Dreeko, do you know anything about this?

2011/4/21 11:41:30
Life on Muvizu We haven't had any Easter vids yet - how about Jesus versus the Easter Bunny?
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2011/4/21 9:29:58
Learn from the man behind Ren and Stimpy Stimpy you eeeeediot!

"I'm so angry"

I loved this cartoon when I was wee.
2011/4/21 9:26:22
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Congrats on a great review - and you deserve it!

Had a wee listen and it's great stuff!

My head was nodding throughout.

Apart from the one about the dentist, I had to skip over that one...
2011/4/12 17:15:51
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Every day's a school day when Dreeko's in town!

Great work, really nice tut.
2011/4/8 11:07:38
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Like it?!



Someone's done the Knights of the Round Table in Lego.

One of the best lego animations I've seen.

Take a look:

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2011/4/6 12:30:36
Garage Band Blues... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


But...where's Robin??
2011/4/6 11:30:08
Garage Band Blues... myCLONE gave your video a really nice review:

2011/3/30 12:38:40
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko - you're a legend!

Awesome funny wee clip, and great tut.

Keep 'em coming!
2011/3/30 11:43:42
Camera control Hiya Goatboy,

Welcome to Muvizu!

First of all, can I congratulate you on your excellent choice of username
In addition to Jamie's suggestions on camera movement, I can also recommend a little tip: the middle mouse button.

If you want the camera to move forwards/backwards at a steady pace - adjust the movement & smoothness sliders, hit record, then scroll with the middle mouse.

You only need to scroll a little, then the camera will continue, and you can perform other movements at the same time.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your first video!

2011/3/28 16:13:30
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Brilliant! Think that'll be our first ever Muvizu-designed album
2011/3/25 10:46:52
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Great tut Dreeko!

FYI - For the transparent ground plane, you don't need to create a transparent image in Photoshop, you can just select the 'none' option from the texture selection.

Oh...and I'm not a developer...I'm a tester :P
2011/3/24 16:22:25
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? In the 'close up' video, Rollo managed to cobble together a bluetooth headset by adjusting and rotating attachments in the 'wrong' place...I think it was a monocle and beard?

Dreeko - you're the inventive one, what can you do with this?
I know you can get some pretty 'interesting' effects when you rotate the tail attachment...

2011/3/24 15:57:51
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Ok - that's the animators literally and figuratively jabbed.

They are super super busy though, so don't hold your breath for any phone animations...

It would be nice to have, for sure, but it's not on a high priority, and I'm afraid that's the way things have to be just now in our wee office.

In the meantime, try to find creative workarounds, such as the holiday hell video, Close Up by Rollo Girando.

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